Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scripture & Snapshot [#17]

I've always loved this story. It's so romantic. When I was single I imagined one day being "found" and being so valuable and worthy for someone they'd do anything to have me.

Charles came along.

He's very literal. He's very romantic too. For a little while there when I'd ask him if I was "his pearl", he'd remind me the story wasn't about what I thought it was, but it was [him getting literal here] about the Kingdom of God. Yes, Yes, Yes, I know...but can I still be your pearl?

It wasn't until this year, he had a little change of heart, or for that matter, understood my heart more. For Valentine's Day when he gave me that pearl ring, it meant so much more to me than just a ring.

I was finally his pearl.

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  1. s w e e t story!!

    and YEAH on a new pretty ring that means more than that~


  2. Beautiful photo, and such a sweet story!

  3. awww that brought tears to my eyes.. SO often we seek God through our husbands.. I think you most have a great marriage! Beautiful picture.

  4. What a lovely story. And such a sweet man to know your heart like that. You are richly blessed!



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