Friday, February 4, 2011

Funny Friday #1

This picture was taken about three weeks ago on our cruise. Please try not to be offended by it's lack of's a T-shirt. Go ahead. Laugh. Let's just say it's the closest thing I'll ever come to wearing a bikini again [...for several reasons]. One definite being, no matter how much weight I loose, I'll never loose those lovely belly stretch marks. My husband calls it "the fire of God".

I joked with my mom today...
 "Maybe by the summer we'll be in bikini's again...okay okay...maybe tankini's." 

If only looking like that was as easy as putting on a t-shirt. I think they should make the "I've just had three babies back to back and have been to busy [and lazy] to loose my baby weight" version. I'd buy that on sheer hysterical giggling factor alone. You never know...that could be the next genius billion dollar "bubba teeth" idea.

Okay, if that didn't make you laugh...this video will...especially if you have boys!

---Nation asked me this week if God understood Spanish too.

---Solomon asked me this week what I was doing [confused...puzzled] 
I was cooking. #neverseesmedoituntilnow


I think by the time Friday rolls around we could all use something good to laugh at. I thought it might be fun to try linking up and seeing [or reading about] funny things that all happen to us this week.
"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."
-Proverbs 17:22
1. Write a post or share photo [or both] that you think will make us giggle
2. In your post hyperlink back to this post [and or use my button]
3. Join this blog hop below by entering your post address
4. Go see what funny things happen to others this week

LAUGH...It's biblical!


  1. That's funny! I posted a Fun Friday! But I think I like yours better. lol

  2. The shirt made me giggle : D. Funny video too, my two year old added to the humor when she yelled defiantely, "hey, that's my baby" when Darth and the baby doll were on the screen. She probably thought it was one of her brothers terrorizing her.

  3. Last weekend inisfree had the flu and had severe dizziness for which she had to have an IV in the ER. I know that's not funny, but the part that is, is that when her aunt asked her the other night how she was feeling, inisfree told her that her head had been all "Disney"! Lol

  4. Hahaha, love the t-shirt! After four children I'm glad that here in Scotland we don't tend to get much bikini weather!

  5. Great idea for the blog hop.
    I have always laughed at those t-shirts too!

    P.S. When I saw your photo, it immediately made me think of the photo of me and you for some reason....Hope you can forgive me for posting it :P

  6. I still tell people it is baby fat....I just don't tell them the baby is soon to be 14!

  7. My funny for the week...!/video/video.php?v=668785681366

    Hopefully that will work :)

  8. I love that video and the shirt! I used to have one like it and used it as a night gown. That was the closest I would get to a bikini too!

  9. Haha LOVE your t shirt idea! I would totally wear that!

    -Bethany A.(yaya;)

  10. Every woman that's had a child needs this shirt!!! I love it!



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