Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#27]

YouCapture's "Red" Photochallenge

Thankful This Week For:

1. Red roses "just because"
2. Experiencing 3 natural births & getting to share about it with others
3. Raw fruits & veggies having zero "points" [Weight Watchers]
4. Homeschool retreat this past weekend [inspired.challenged.excited]
5. Seeing my son's excitement when we won "Minute to Win-It" at church
6. Hot tea
7. Playdate at a new fun place
8. Watching my son [4] organize & clean his room all-by-himself
9. Sunday's weather [kids played outside almost 5 hours]
10. Childcare at small group/bible study [full-attention-for-a-few-hours-a-wk]

Every week I invite my friends in blogworld to...
 join me in being thankful

[1] write a blog post with 10 things you're thankful for this week
[2] mention this blog post [hyperlink my blog and/or grab my button]
[3] use McLinky below by clicking on "Click here to enter"

You don't have to do it on Thursdays. You can do it any day of the week. Call it whatever you want. Be creative...use words, pictures, poems, etc. Come back throughout the week and read other's lists and make new friends.
Ask others to join too!



  1. lovin' that red red rose girl! so beautiful, great composition & processing!

    Such a great idea to be thankful, i too am participating in a positivity project on Flickr, so awesome to pick out moments of my day & write them down :) Happy Thursday!

  2. Love the rose photo, such rich beautiful color! I am so blessed that I've had all eight of my children naturally(3 @ home). I've never been on a homeschool retreat but it sounds awesome! I LOVE hot tea and tea parties. Saturday and Sundays weather was PERFECT. If only I could have 365 day like that, but then I wouldn't appreciate it as much. That is impressive that your son cleaned and organized all by himself. I still have to give detailed instruction to some of mine that are much older than that.

  3. I'm not familiar with the new WW point system, but I know it works. Praying!

  4. Thanks Bridget! I think it's similar in a lot of ways, but different in that they no longer make you count fruits and veggies if they are raw. I'm excited.

  5. 8 natural and 3 at home! Isn't God good? I love natural birth! Do you have all your birth stories recorded? Love to read them!

  6. Candra

    I havent recorded any on my blog but that is a good idea! Maragaret asked me to share about the last one at the upcoming homebirth meeting. I think that is how I found your blog - through one of the emails to the homebirth group. I found your blog amusing and inspiring and just kept coming back to read. I didn't realize you were hosting the homebirth meeting until I read the latest invite yesterday after Margaret asked if I would share.

  7. That rose is just gorgeous Candra. What a pretty picture. Glad you had fun at the conference. You sound very excited : )

  8. Thankful for so many of the same things.
    I am so glad we are doing WW together.
    Nation's excitement was awesome!

  9. I love hot tea, too. It works well with those fruits and veggies and makes you feel a little full...for a little while.

    The kids played outside for 5 hours? That's awesome! The rose is beautiful.

    Have a great week ahead!



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