Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#26] [Giveaway]

Nation at Tres Lagos Ranch Last Month
[YouCapture Photo Challenge: Happy]

Thankful This Week For:

1. "Editing down" ranch pictures to 400 [goal is to post highlights before the 1st]
2. A husband who keeps it real & helps me when I'm "outta whack"
3. Playdates [and friendships restored!]
4. A book that's rocking my world
5. Ladies night with small group woman...the transparency was almost as good as the food [strawberry lemonade & gingerbread chocolate cookies, Puerto Rican rice&beans, and Mexican food a la carte]
6. The few hours of "warmth" the kids enjoy outside despite winter weather
7. An inbox averaging 100+ [constantly] back down to 40
8. The [creative?] ideas He's given me [despite time to currently explore them]
9. A best friend finding a new house

Recently, Angell sent me a few samples of their candy bars...naturally [pun intended] I wad delighted to "help" by sampling. If only THAT could be my full time job. Well, maybe part time job, then my other part time job would need to be a fitness trainer. I digress. 

I tried all 3 yummy chocolate flavors [Dark, Milk, White].

Dark being my fav, duh.

I wish all companies had a "eat no evil" policy like they do. Fair trade & Organic all-the-way baby. These round about 150 calorie thin candy bars are just big enough to make you feel like you've eaten a "real" candy bar, without leaving you dissatisfied from those halloween sized candy "fun size." I'd compare the taste to that of a Kit-Kat Bar, and or a little mix of a really yummy chocolate protein bar. I'm just happy to be indulging on something with real ingredients and low cal. 

Wanna Try Them? 
I'm giving away a Angell Organic Candy Bar 12 pack 
[your choice of flavor]

To enter...participate below in Thankful Thursday Link Up 
Post your 10 Thankfuls in Comment Section

[Contest ends next Thursday]
[No internationally shipping unless you're Kate Moore]

***Winner is From Mel***


Every week I invite my friends in blogworld to...
 join me in being thankful

[1] write a blog post with 10 things you're thankful for this week
[2] mention this blog post [hyperlink my blog and/or grab my button]
[3] use McLinky below by clicking on "Click here to enter"

You don't have to do it on Thursdays. You can do it any day of the week. Call it whatever you want. Be creative...use words, pictures, poems, etc. Come back throughout the week and read other's lists and make new friends.
Ask others to join too. 



  1. Thanks for being thankful for my new house! I want to hear more about this book!

  2. As always, I enjoyed reading your Thankful Thursday! Also, the adorable pictures of your guys, especially this one of Nation. He's getting so grown up isn't he?

  3. I enjoy your Thankful Thursday and the challenge and reminder to reflect on how God has blessed me. This chocolate give away adds another layer of enticement. :D

  4. Elizabeth Kilby

    1. 4 years (today!) of marriage.
    2. 1 beautiful baby girl.
    3. Baby #2 that I get to meet in August.
    4. Beautiful roses from my hubby for our anniversary.
    5. A lazy morning of slow working and happy reflections.
    6. Princess night with my girls (fancy clothes, limo, amazing dinner)
    7. Getting to work with some amazing young ladies...and getting paid for it - really? yes. It doesn't get much better than that.
    8. Family and friends who start dinging my facebook at 7am with happy thoughts.
    9. Carter's kids clothes...because they're the best. (that one was a little random but hey, what can ya do)
    10. Serving a God who desires obedience because of my love for Him (Beth Moore study this morning).
    11. YOU - thanks for your mommy insights and things that make me think!

  5. 1.Jesus
    2.Getting something done with school
    3.Sweat pants that are long enough!!!!
    4.Getting to go back to fittness classes
    5.My family
    6.I know I'm only a Sophmore but Northern Ballet School
    7.The perfect choreography for a song
    9.NOT having a pin on my toe
    10.My AMAZING boss...YOU!!!!



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