Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten -#18-

Thankful This Week For:

[1] My mother-in-law, Brenda, who turned 29 [again]. She's smart, funny, easy going, and generous. If it wasn't for her...I wouldn't have Charles.

[2] The printed & bound Jesse Tree Advent to do with the kids this month. I also ordered a cute set of homemade Jesse ornaments off Etsy. It was all a small fortune, but the price of teaching my kids the real meaning of Christmas is priceless to me. [ I had trouble finding it, after you sign up for her RSS feed you can Email me if you want the .pdf]

[3] Trading Christmas family portraits sessions with our best friends, Nathan & Sarah. It was a familiar & fun experience...not to mention FREE! I highly recommend it.

[4] The 5 days last week we were able to stay at our house in GA & visit with our family & friends.

[5], I paid for the $25 a year plan and it's been a [amateur photographers'] "life saver" when it comes to editing pictures. 

[6] Snow on December 1. The kids & I were so thrilled to see snow blowing outside all day. My kids may or may not have eaten it off the ground.

[7] The conversations I had with Charles during the 8 hours from OH to GA and back. The deep-Jesus-stuff kind. I guess I should also take the time to thank the nap fairies, DVD players and Starbucks.

[8] Spiritual encouragement from the females in my life. When things happen in life you least expect...God is never surprised. I'm blessed to have friends who are just a phone call away when I need them most.

[9] Twitter Tweets. Okay, so I made fun of Twitter, but now I'm enjoying it. I've decided to waste use most of my "tweets" on the subject of, "You might be a mom if..." So during the day I periodically post several funny [to me at least] tweets and if for no one else, I'm thankful because they make me laugh. You can check them out here, even if you don't have a twitter.

[10] Saving over $70 on my Christmas cards this year by using The cards I chose weren't cheap, but even with having them address, stamp and mail most of them I saved a lot of money with the use of two coupon codes. You'll have to wait till Christmas day to see my family picture we chose! 


Every week I invite my friends in blogworld to join me in being thankful. 

[1] write a blog post with 10 things you're thankful for this week
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You don't have to do it on Thursdays. You can do it any day of the week. Call it whatever you want. Be creative...use words, pictures, poems, etc. Come back throughout the week and read other's lists and make new friends.
Ask others to join too.


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  1. Hello!

    I stumbled by after doing a blogger search for 'marriage' (I'm getting married).

    I've really been enjoying reading your blog.



  2. I LOVE the pics by the post-so cute. you always find the best ways to coordinate.
    huhmm (clearing throat) "nap angels"
    i know what kind of convo you mean-love it myself-josh and i pretty much have those kind everyday-run the race!
    ok, so now i'll have to check out picnik & tinyprints-thank you internet savvy friend.
    i read about 40 of your tweets last night and i was laughing out loud. some of them i was like "oh, yes, that is so true"
    you might be a mom if...things that use to gross you out are just normal.
    now for my thankful....
    1. Provision-God is providing for us as we work hard and yet trust Him at the same time
    2. Husband working from home (kind of goes with number 1) so I got to spend extra time with the Lord this week, take a nap, and sleep in 2 days (well until Lovey wakes up)
    3. Pierce being a really sweet big brother to his little sister
    4. the nice semi-long shower i got last night (yes, it had been a week)
    5. desire to meal plan and cook and even the desire to cook pretty much everytime with a 3 year old
    6. the Father telling me how much He loves me and showing me the Cross again (that should of been number 1)
    7. hope that our camcorder will get fixed and we can retrieve a whole year's worth of data from it
    8. finishing my photo book "Beautiful Messes" and getting to order it
    9. family outings-even if we are squeezed into a pick up truck-it's fun
    10. the fellowship coming over and bonfire night this weekend

  3. I would love to have snow here in Georgia. I know my kids would love it.

  4. Hi Candra,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I just had to tell you that Redeeming Love is my favorite book too! I love your list of things to be thankful for. We just traded family photo sessions with friends of ours too. How fun!


  5. hey pretty lady :) thanks for the awesome feedback! i usually do use my blog name as the caption under the thumbnail but my blog name is too long (yours is a 20 character limit). maybe i will try just HIWTHI - hehe :) and YES! to the double date!

  6. Your boys are so adorable! I'm excited to one day have children of my own!



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