Friday, December 3, 2010

Putting Him To Work

[n] a group of related individuals
[adj] of a similar nature or character

Nation [4.5] and Moses [8 months] have a special bond. Solomon [2.5] really enjoys kissing his "brud-er", and likes him just fine, but Nation is goo goo over baby Moses. He just loves to sit and play with him. The other day I let Nation feed Moses baby food and he did such a "good job" I've now enlisted him to do it several times a week. 

This is homemade sweet potato baby food. I wrote about making bananas here, but this is slightly more work. 

To make...

[1] Buy a bag of organic sweet potatoes [Trader Joes are $3]
[2] Wash them with water
[3] Bake in oven for 1 hr at 350 degrees
[4] Let cool
[5] Peel [comes right off]
[6] Mash up or throw in food processor
[7] Scoop into your containers

I don't add water to these because I prefer baby food less runny. I put some in my containers for the refrigerator and I put some in trays in the freezer. When they are done freezing [the next day is usually when I get to it], I put them in Ziplocks to keep in freezer. Then when I need them through out the month I throw a cube back in this container and put in my baby food warmer. You can microwave it, but it does kill more of the nutrients. I do this from time to time if I'm in a rush.

I can make nearly 30 large servings at $3 instead of $30. 
I recommend reading Super Baby Food.

Side Note: The bib shown above is my favorite, been using them for years.


These photos were apart of a photo challenge, You Capture


  1. So proud of Nation! Way to go big brother!! These pics are priceless!

  2. LOVE! I have pics of my Sarah (2) feeding her baby sister, Maddie, sweet potatoes also. There were a few gagging shots in mine! I pray they stay this close and in love with one another for life!

  3. Aww. I love it! Brud-ers are the best!

  4. I love those 'front-focus...back-focus' pictures!


    G loved sweet potatoes. most kids do I guess.... I made some of his baby food, but he insisted on Table Food from about 5 months- not all the time, but more and more often. He even gave up nursing at 9 months.
    C&K almost NEVER ate babyfood. it wasn't worth the time to make a big batch for them (I made some for G though)

    great feeding time pictures! how sweet they can help out with the little one!

  5. PIerce saw this from across the room and said, "wait! i want to see that" he loves looking at your pics so your blog is something we do together.
    pierce loved feeding Love her first food. he's the same way-totally goo goo over her. actually he calls her "his goo goo" I am so amazed at how patient he is with her and really loves her. thank you Jesus!



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