Friday, October 8, 2010

Trading in Mt. Laundry for Tinker Toys

How I spent my Friday...

How the kids spent their Friday...

Kids slept in with their new alarm clockWaffles. Moses+Baby Food=1st time.YMCA homeschool PE. Playdate with other mommies. Chickfila for lunch. Laundry. Building with our new Tinker Toys. Scooters outside. More Laundry. Naps. Snacks. Art. Never getting to the dishes because I was still folding laundry. Chalk outside. Potty training. Piled laundry in different rooms to put up tomorrow. BBQ for dinner. Ice cream. Skyping our small group in GA. Beth Moore bible study.Movie with hubs. Blogging. Bed.

Pro: Laundry baskets empty-Sheets clean-Clean undies for all

Con: I'm going to promise myself [again] to never let it happen again. ha ha

I'm not complaining, it's the life of a mom, and I love it.

[[p.s. that photo of laundry is 3 loads short of the final pile]]


  1. So now that you are finished with your laundry, you can come fold mine :)

    It was great to Skype today! We need to do it again!

  2. I like the picture of the paint!

  3. Hey! What kind of tinker toys are those?? I need to get soem for David!



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