Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Falling from My list to His

Today was interesting, but come to think of it, so is everyday.

Solomon managed to pee everywhere, but where he was suppose to. That's okay. No one, but the baby, took a nap [the first go around]. I did end up getting Solomon to take a mini-snooze before soccer. Moses' first two teeth broke the surface, but not after some much needed personal attention & extra nursing. It might have felt like a flop of a "to-do list" day if the car & playroom hadn't gotten cleaned up...oh, but they're both dirty again, sigh

Attitudes, man, where did they come from the last two days? I think I'm just in denial that Solomon has fully entered THE 2's. 

As usual... things were broken, spilled, peed on, fought over and eventually lost the privilege to be played with. Although there were some amazing moments of building, designing, and organizing with the kids today. Yep, they're boys.

Instead of watching his soccer practice, Charles did with the other two boys and I went for a long walk. I should have brought my camera and my mind began to stress [on my stress-relieving walk] that I'd probably miss all the leaves falling and end up out here again in a week or so with camera in hand to find nothing but stick trees.

I refocused [pun], shot with my iPhone and tried to enjoy God's art on my slightly lesser God-Art-Capturing-Device. 

I love Fall, but part of it stresses me out because I feel like I'm going to miss it. I'm not going to see the leaves fall enough or I'm not going to be outside in the perfect weather enough. 

Is it possible to love something [like a season?] so much you're afraid you won't get enough of it?

We ended up eating Chickfila for dinner after my husband [wisely] discerned my great stress escalating when I began thinking out loud about how the kids haven't been eating their dinners this week and there probably wasn't as much leftovers from last night as I thought. Dinner & Meal planning fails makes me feel like poop more than anything.

I'm not looking forward to all the cleaning/preparing [I'm unnecessarily forcing upon myself] before my guests arrive Thursday & Friday, but I know I'll work hard and then play hard.

You know what though? 

Cleaning, getting things done, things going smoothing, everyone behaving, me getting all the "me-time" I want...isn't really the goal. I look forward to the day when I naturally rejoice knowing it was a great day even though I didn't get a lot done. Because what defines a good day to the Lord isn't what gets [or doesn't get] done on my list. 

His List:
Did I love Him?
Did I love my husband?
Did I love my kids?
Did I love people?

Do you ever find yourself "grading" your day based on the wrong standard? 
[Unlike Fall, this is something we could afford to lose fast.]


  1. Hi! It is SO nice to meet you! I was excited to get your comment about moving to Ohio. how fun! We are the children's pastors at bethel Christian Assembly of God on Smithville Rd


    our kids church blog is betheljamadventures.blogspot.com

    I would love to see you there! We have church on Wednesday nights with full programs for the kids and for adults.

    If you want to email me back, I can email you my # and we can talk more! I would love to meet you and your family. :)

  2. I love this post. I read it on a day when I felt very entitled to my "me time" and was a little upset with the lack thereof lately and then I read your post. So perfect. Thanks for speaking the truth and when I read His list I was humbled and gently reminded that THAT should be my goal for the day...

    Thanks, girl. Great post!



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