Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#11]

Thankful This Week For:

1- The things Nation says:
"Where does the pee inside my body stay?"
"I'm thinking about my sin"
"I'm trying to think of something I can make you, so I can get out of trouble"

2-The things Nation makes me [after he's been in trouble]:

...and things that he just makes

3- That The Lord has been teaching me about pride. I never considered myself a prideful person. To me, pride was a guy thing, or someone who thought they were really awesome at sports. I'm now finding it's in thoughts, attitudes, judgements, words, and actions of mine that I never realized before. Good bye Pride, Hello Freedom.

4-Little boys hair that is all shaggy & cute. They are all in the "growing out" stage, but I'm hopeful they will all soon have adorable little hair flips under their winter hats.

5-Chilean Miners Rescued [it was amazing to watch]

6-A husband who will watch a girly romantic comedy with me every now & then.

7-My oldest childhood friend, Ryan, who is now "with child". It's exciting to watch first time moms endure enjoy pregnancy. There is no other experience like it. I'm thankful for the three I've had the privilege of having. Although extremely tough at times, didn't compare to those flip flops I could feel them doing in my belly.

8-A month full of visitors. My mom & bros earlier this month, a best friend today, another best friend [and family] this weekend, and Charles'  dad [& family] next weekend.

9-A walk alone outside, well I suppose I wasn't alone, amazing sunset & changing leaves for company.

10-A day with April. My beloved spiritual sister. Concluded by a real girls night out. That didn't include anyone crying, throwing a fit, throwing something, spilling something, needing something, falling apart, or not eating. Oh, it was just pure bliss to have a real adult dinner with someone I could talk to for hours [and did] about nothing and everything.

Someday I will write more about this friendship, but I will leave this preview with you today. 8 years ago this week---

random college roommates
miraculous redemption
roommates again
introduced me to my husband
maid of honor
birthing coach [2 almost 3 times]
always there for me [even if she got married! & moved away]
one of my most favorite people in-the-world

Let me tell you, friendship isn't easy to find, keep or stick with, but oh the wealth I have in good friends I've stuck with [and have stuck with me]. There is nothing more precious than people who really love you, pray for you, encourage you, cheer for you, weep with you, and are just...with you...through life.


  1. It's so great that you and April have such an encouraging and loving friendship! I loved seeing these pictures of her with the kids! I like Thankful Thursdays--what a great way to keep focused on the things that are lovely, pure, and of good report!

  2. I just lurv your blog. That is all.

  3. So happy you had fun with April.
    See you in a few hours!

  4. Hey! Hope your weekend with your pal is wonderful! Thanks for the shout out too. I hope you guys make some serious dance videos! Let me know when you and your hubby have watched Parenthood. I'd love your thoughts on the writing/storyline. :)

  5. Wonderful thoughts, the picture with the kids is beautiful. Happy dancing too!



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