Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Camel Ride Through Creation

Over the weekend we hosted our best friends from GA, The Martin's, and their 5 little ones under 7. It was 1500 feet for 12 people, but surprisingly fun & peaceful. We all managed to all get some sleep too. Notice I didn't mention clean...we did swim in a sea of toys, but there was nothing like seeing all the 8 kids playing, laughing, chasing, and enjoying one another. Sarah & I've had our last 3 kids just weeks apart. No shortage of friends there.

Saturday we all went to the Creation Museum.

The museum is 70,000 square feet of amazingness.

Obviously the kids enjoyed seeing all the dinosaurs.

There was so much good information, but as you know, with little ones we did have to power walk through some of the exhibits. I am adding this to "places I'd like to visit again with just Charles."

There were also live animals inside & outside the museum. This picture isn't in focus, but the chameleon was looking right at Nation. They are fascinating. Did you know?

Their tongue shoots out faster than the human eye can see? 30 thousandths of a second. Five times faster than a fighter jet.

Their eyes can not only look in different directions, but they have the ability to see 360 degrees around themselves. [I wonder if they are all moms?]

The museum also walked you through biblical history of the world. Including wax figures of important characters to Christianity.

10 commandments
King David 
Adam & Even "amongst the lilies".  [Scandalous]
Being a fan of all things childbirth, I found these humorous.
As nerve wrecking as it was to let them hold him over tile floor...it did make a cute picture. All boys in their dinosaur shirts with jeans.

We spent from about 11am-4pm inside and then spent the last two hours outside by their petting zoo & botanical gardens.
Y'all know I'm more of a fan of babies than animals [hence why we have no pets], but this donkey did have some personality and he helped me meet my requirement for this week's YouCapture photo assignment: animals.

I bought Nation this Archeologist dig kit [compressed sand & mini tools] & he thought it was the neatest thing. I love the look on his face when he found a "bone" in it. I promised him I'd buy him another one if he would just say the word "Archeologist" over and over. 

All in all it was a great visit. The Martin's grandparents were founding members so we were able to go for free [thank you!]. I'd recommend everyone to go at least once in their life [okay, twice, once with kids and once without]. 

I learned a lot, appreciated even more about creation, and was reminded of how big God is and how small I am. Yet, he cares for me.

To see Sarah's perspective of the museum, read her Part 1 & Part 2, & Part 3 here.

My camera died, but Charles took an iPhone shot.
good cafe
[God is huge]
Nation & I rode a camel
lots of [clean] bathrooms
everything was beautiful & well made
plenty to keep the kids interested & adults too
Noah's arc exhibit was my favorite [section of boat built]

never found the kid drop off area so I could read everything [ha ha]


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  1. LOVE IT! Your photos turned out so much better than mine.

  2. Neat pictures. Sounds like an interesting place.

  3. isn't the creation museum amazing!! We have been twice now and loved it both times. we took our oldest the second time. i didn't see drop off area either so we left the little girls at home :) with a sitter of course :)

  4. what fun! i'm even more excited about visiting one day. i'm glad everything was peaceful with a house full! i love your before and after pics. we went the apple orchard and pumpkin patch yesterday so one day you'll get to see the pics-ha ha.



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