Monday, October 25, 2010

One List: Three Columns

I'm a list maker. 

Do moms exist out there that aren't? Do women exist out there that aren't? I still remember being 6 or 7 years old and making fun of my grandma for making endless lists and then scratching things off. Wow, talk about reaping and sowing judgments. 

I apparently didn't pack paper or pens [usually do forget on all business trips] and am too cheap to buy something I know I have back at home. So my lists today come from from already used construction paper and faded colored pencil. 

Okay, so maybe I splurged and bought 10 pens for $1 tonight.

My biggest struggle during the week is my tasks to time ratio. I have lists of things I want-need-should do, but am easily distracted or simply add two things for every one I scratch off. I know I know there are fabulous tips, tricks and even apps [which I own] for this, but nothing [but Jesus] can solve my desire to pack too much into only so much time.

I know there is exactly enough time in a day to get done exactly what God has for me. 

My problem is, I like to add in a little extra to God's plan and then that ends up meaning I have to sacrifice something He actually wanted me to do. Oh, and I'm defensive at the first sign of giving this up. You don't have to think long about what I'm hoping to give up during my bible study with Beth Moore on Breaking Free.

So Jesus [and blog world] here is MY list for Monday...Jesus, please edit

Need to do:
bible study wk 4 day 1
teach kids about God
school with Nation
make dinner
charles time

Want to do:

make bread/waffles/muffins for the week
make sweet potatoes for Moses
clean out car
mail 2 packages
take Moses' 6 mth 7 mth photos
put together Charles & I's costumes
Do Nails/Toes/Eyebrows [myself]
look up & do festive crafts with kids

Wishful thinking to-do:
Review Amazon products

I'm already exhausted looking at my "need to do list", ha. Lord please show me [and all of us] what you want to take away or add to our lists for the week. Remembering that you have our best interest in mind and it's wise for us to listen to you over ourselves.

Meal planning stresses me out. Some weeks it's alright, some weeks its a fail. I function best if I do something with I recruited Charles this week to watch me make my list and help me "get through it" without quitting. What can I say? Company making painful things manageable. 

Monday Dinner:
Baked parmesan salmon w/ raspberry sauce, wild rice, asparagus

Tuesday Dinner:
Orange chicken, white rice, snow peas

Wednesday Dinner:
Rosemary crock pot chicken, brown rice, frozen mixed veggies

Thursday-Monday: in GA [unsure what we will eat...hopefully I'm not cooking, ha] 

What's on your list this week?
What's for dinner this week?


  1. I like your need/want/wishful thinking organization. I might need to adopt that in my day-to-day. I find myself with a huge list and get overwhelmed by it but I think if I broke it down and really thought about what needs to be done it might work better!

  2. thanks for sharing! dinner sounds yummy! I usually plan 3 dinners a week and they last us every night because of leftovers. So, this weeks menu is homemade chicken pot pie (chicken is boiling on the stove right now) with salad, lasagna and salad & bread, fettuchini (spelling) alfredo with some type of veggie.

    I'm still just doing avocado, banana, and sweet potatoes this week with Love. She's actually playing with sweet potatoes on her tray right now. Next week will hopefully be making some cubes to freeze. She doesn't like me feeding her too much so I let her play/feed herself and then bath time in the kitchen sink-um, yes, I just looked over and the potatoes are in her hair.

    The Lord has put the same thing on my hear that you shared about Him making our lists and Him leading our days. When I did the managers of the home I struggled and struggled until I fullly surrendered my days to Him and it came together so beautifully-there is no way I could of done that. What helps me is to think about eternity a lot and what the Bible says is important. It helps me let go of distractions and ultimately time wasters. It's hard up front but soooo wonderful as you know later on when we have better perspective.

    My week looks like: 3 dinners, general house keeping, playing with kids, play day with all moms and house church kids on Wed. (try to get some cute pics there), exercise, spending time every night working through the things the Lord has called us to-Josh and I are going through Nehemiah again in light of some things God has put on our hearts-we are seeking to spend at least an hour every night after kids go to bed cultivating words God has planted, at least write some thank you notes from when Love was born-yikes!

    Finishing and ordering a photo book today (because I have a free book coupon due today) called Beautiful Messes that your blog post inspired me to (I will email it to you when finished). Josh's mom's birthday lunch on Saturday (we made her a 'thank you' photo book with pictures of clothes and toys she has given us over the years and acts of service.

    yes, she just took a real bite.

    Pierce just asked me why can't we walk through walls-hum, what is the answer to that in light of Jesus walked through a wall.

    I would love for you to be here right now-I just looked out the back window and there is a beautiful aray of chickens all over the yard and the sun is shining through after a good rain last night.

  3. I've been making a lot of lists lately...(I have a fun 30 before 30 list going) but one thing I've been trying out is just doing one load of laundry and one big chore (vacuum, mop, kitchen, bathrooms etc) everyday. That has seemed more manageable to me. But I've been sick the last few days and now EVERYTHING needs to be it feels really depressing. Sigh.

  4. Cool! Let me know how it goes with the chicken. I said that I was going to keep the same amount of garlic but just add it later; now I'm actually thinking more garlic would be better though. Next time I'm gonna do a few whole cloves of garlic. It's gonna be a few weeks before I try it again, though. Tomorrow I'm doing BBQ ribs. You're the first to know! :)

  5. I ordered another week's worth of meal plans, so that takes care of next week! I'm serious about the once a month shopping though - I really think you could benefit from it! Wanna know my secrets??



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