Sunday, October 24, 2010

How I Know We Didn't Evolve From Apes

After attending Charles' cousin's wedding Friday night, we stayed over in Toledo Saturday so we could hang out with his dad & visit the Zoo. Charles' dad took him about 26 years ago.

I didn't get any many pictures of the animals because I was a little busy chasing/carrying my three little monkeys around. However, it was a lovely zoo & it was Pumpkin Patch Weekend which meant every was in costumes, but us [oops], but we ate so much candy we forgot.

I use to judge I own two.

Somewhere there is a picture of Charles on this at 3.

The hippo is always my favorite

Now shots from the iPhone:
Ugliest fish award
Oh yes, this ape was sticking his finger you-know-where
& then eating it by the handfuls. I mean I know human
babies eat poop sometimes, but I'd hope by adulthood we're done.
These are considered healthy foods the apes naturally eat.
[Someone from Cheerios got the key to this cabinet.]
Can you believe this? She couldn't move [she's in skates]
Again, proving I was there

I enjoy taking the kids to the zoo...teaching them a little, learning a little myself. All the walking walks off the sugary treat I'm sure to find while there. I've been zoo's in: Houston, Atlanta, San Diego, and Nashville. I'm hopeful we make it to the Cincinnati & Chicago Zoo's before heading back to GA.

[Thanks Grandpa Chuck!]


  1. Cute photos. Love the hippo. I don't think I have ever seen one outside of the water unless you count Gloria from Madagascar :)

  2. They open their mouth and it's terrifying, plus they make strange noises and did you know they are actually closer related to whales than pigs? Strange...they look like giant pigs.

  3. that is sweet charles' dad got to see the boys. that is really cute you have a pic of charles in the same spot-scrapbook! at the dallas zoo we saw a big hippo pee for literally 5 minutes. we waited around because we were so amazed. that is disgusting about the monkey and yes, when did cheerios occur in the wild? sometimes i'll ask josh to take a quick pic of me for the same reason-to document i was there :)

  4. and the pictures of the leaves is one reason we know we did not evolve from apes. All Creation tells of His GLORY!

  5. and the photo of a little girl in a shoe :) Very cute :)



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