Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black & White Wedding Wallflower

This evening we drove from Dayton to Toledo to attend a wedding for Charles cousin, Kelly. I took 171 pictures. I was trying to experiment in low lighting indoors, and wow, I'm glad I wasn't the wedding photographer, it's hard work! 

So, here are my 14 favorite "experiments" in [mostly] candid shots before I crash. I made them black and white because even with my external flash I clearly was having some trouble with lighting.

If I get enough comments begging for more, I might do a second post.

Do I even need to tell you that my children were the-life-of-the-party for at least an hour? [They get their dancing skills from me]

4 generations [it was the best I could do]

I love weddings...the white dress, the cake, the dancing, the toasts that make you cry, the joy in the bride & grooms faces. It was nice to remember how exciting marriage is suppose to be. How romantic. How fairytale. How much family & friends should be apart of it. I always want to be a bride again after attending a wedding. I'm seriously thinking of throwing myself another wedding if I can ever fit back in my dress.

Honestly, my favorite part of a wedding isn't at the wedding, it's after...seeing all the amazing creative shots a photographer catches. The moments we missed, the moments we saw, but not from that angle. I love wedding photographs, but have zero desire to shoot them. Too much stress & pressure.

What's your favorite thing about weddings?


The photos were apart of Paper Mama's Blog black & white photo contest & The Long Road to China's contest I entered.


  1. wow...all your pictures look like they came from a dream. The low light and the darkness around the edges is awesome. Plus Nation and Solomon dancing = win :P

  2. You are too funny about your wedding redo! I want you to do it so I can come this time!

  3. gorgeous! I love weddings and it seems like we never get to go any more!

  4. My fav part is the bride. Knowing what it feels like to be in her shoes. It all comes rushing back when you see her face :)

  5. Thanks!

    I agree Janell! I enjoy being married just once, but I'd like to be THE BRIDE more often!

  6. You have such a wonderful eye for depth and I know a quick shutter is excellent for those "just the right moment" shots! It was WONDERFUL to see you and the boys and such a thrill to watch them tear up the dance floor! Can't wait to spend more time with you when you get home!

  7. candraaaaaaaaaaaa!! those were great! a neat "black and white" thing I've been doing lately is black and white the photo then do boost color once-it gives it a more chocolatey black and white, although yours look amazing. oh, i would of love to have been there to see the boys dancing. your wedding was incredibly beautiful and i think it's a great idea to do again-this time though it won't be the first kiss:) one of my favorite things about weddings is the way I feel when I leave-remembering my vows, remembering my wedding day, remembering the romance I have with Josh. The next best thing is the dancing-how often do we get to do that? I also do look forward to the food I will have to admit. I've had some of the best food at weddings. I also look for the unique touches people put to their weddings and then share with others.

  8. thanks courtney! i haven't been editing them in iPhoto [i think that's what you are referring to when you talk about boosting the color afterwards] that does work great! i've been using lightroom.

    i loved you and josh's dance at the wedding. and it's neat, no matter how much weddings are a like, everyone does have their special touches!

  9. amanda, i have more great shots of you and your little girl---pray i find time to edit them :)

  10. I went to a fabulous wedding on Saturday too! The part I love most about weddings is how it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside about my own marriage. I also love being able to enjoy the fun and frivolity as a guest and not as the bride who is stressing about the details, haha!

  11. Thanks so much for being there !!!! I knew you would get some beautiful pictures !!!! I loved seeing you all there and I'm sure Kelly and Kyle will really appreciate these !!! Take care and hope to see you all again before you go back to GA. I love you all.......Grandma



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