Monday, October 25, 2010

The Best $10 You'll Ever Spend

Another title for this post:
Amateur Lego Photographer [how did it come to this?]

I saw these in the grocery store last night and thought I would the kids would have so much fun playing with those...and if they don't, I'll make them flower vases or drinking cups. Even though I own a pressure cooker, y'all know I haven't canned before.

$10 for 10 wide mouth Ball glass containers with lids

Yes, they are glass, and yes it was less than an hour before we broke our first one, but still, under supervision they are great for filling, stacking, or just for general blog photography.

I know Nation is my son because when I said let's just practice counting he insisted we first "oranize" [organize] them. 
I smiled so big.

I used them to practice counting to 20 with Nation. Although Solomon said most of them along with us, he is catching on quick. There were about 400 legos and we separated them into 7 colors. You do the math, it was a lot of 1 to 20's. 

I love lines.

But I also love flowers. 
Nation knows. 
So does Charles...
I got two more bouquets of these this week...

It was a productive Monday. A sleepy one, but a productive one. I took an few hours this evening to organize my photos and feel a little bit above the water now. Until I think about how I'm a year behind on scrapbooking [darn you blog!].

I'll leave you with a funny. While in time out [for hiding in the closet instead of finishing his dinner], Nation told us "I didn't know what to do, I had a decision to make: to be naughty or to obey, I didn't know which one I should do." I guess I need to note that the funniest is part was his pronunciation of "decision." It sounded like a combination between desecration and decide and decision, something like "descidcation."



  1. Yay for doing creative homeschool with Nation!

  2. love, love, love jars...we used old jars as part of our centerpieces. smart $10 indeed!

  3. Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  4. Ha ha! That last paragraph was funny!

    Jars are WONDERFUL for making storage pretty. :D

  5. So funny! I just purchased 60 of these jars yesterday before I read your blog. I am making jar mixes (cookies, bread, soups, chilis) to give as gifts for the holidays. I got a great deal on them at and had a coupon as well. End up only being $0.80 cents per jar for everything.

  6. Love the jars/legos and those flowers are GORGEOUS! Love the colors.
    Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop and am now following.

  7. I love those jars!! I'm drooling! Flowers, buttons, spools of thread, lego ... everything looks amazing in them!

  8. Very neat idea!! And you can always print your blog into a book at I think "blogs to print" an start scrapbooking that way. ;)



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