Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten [#6]

Thankful This Week For:

1-Leaves falling off trees
And the temperature that drops along with them.

2-Hair Dryer
I forgot what my hair looked like when fixed straight. I've been wearing the "out of the shower" look for over two months. Beachtime is officially over.

3-iPhone 4 FaceTime
The kids & I really enjoy seeing Charles face throughout his work day...I think he would say the same.

4-Netflix on Wii
Charles just so happen to install it the night before Vomit Fest 2010 began and it was really awesome for keeping the kids occupied yesterday. I'm going to guess that between 5am-10pm they [aside from naps] probably watched movies the whole day. I'm pretty sure we cleared out 10 [of the 75] free kids movies.

Yesterday, I had watched the kids for about 9 hours alone [while also sick] and when I called him and told him I couldn't do it anymore...he left a very busy work day to come to our rescue. He might as well have road in on a white horse because from 2-10pm he took full care of the three boys. He cleaned, he washed, he held, he changed, and he comforted. One of the worst days of my life could have quickly turned into THE worst day had he not showed up.

6-The Internet & Social Networking
I thought maybe I'd get more done without a computer, but actually it wasn't true at all. There is always something to be made, washed, changed, or put away. Instead, my days seemed a little lot lonelier and somber. Charles forgot his computer today so I'm using the apartment's office computer. Although a Mac, it's slow, and isn't set up to upload photos. I'm looking forward to returning to cyber world more often when my computer comes back. It's a real bridge between me and all those I love and miss back home.

Courtney and I go way back. We met in 5th grade and have been close friend ever since. We're a lot a like, and we're a lot different. Through the years we've learned from one another and laughed with [and at] each other a good bit. She turned 27 today and it's hard for me to fathom I've been friends with her for 17 years. She's a super mom, devoted wife, and lover of Jesus. She turned me on to homebirthing, scrapbooking and other such pilgrim practices. Today, I'm thankful she was born...even if she's the strangest bird I've ever met ; )

Moses [11 wks] & Love [9 wks]. Same weight at birth.
I know I probably say this one a lot, but it's so true right now with Charles working such long days. We've really tried to make the most of Ohio every weekend and get out and see something new. This upcoming weekend is the Popcorn Festival in Beavercreek. Hopefully this month we will also be heading to Chicago for a long weekend to sight see.

I've grabbed a few this week with Nation. He's not really one to nap anymore, but if I can get him still he usually falls asleep. So...I just lay down next to him [rub his back] and voila...nap for both of us! The other boys always nap, but Nation's not one you want exploring your house while you snooze.

The only thing I'm thankful for following our survival of the Black Plague yesterday was a reminder that health is something I often take for granted. It broke my heart to see my little boys so sick and saying things like "Why isn't Jesus making us better?" I too often forget that all around the world precious mothers look into the [often dying] faces of their children and have no clean water, soap, cold rag, Lysol, clean linens, medicine, or knowledge of The Healer to offer them. I wish I didn't forget so easily. 


  1. i really miss the beach!! my hair is suffering - lol!! great fall pics....

  2. Thanks, amazing what the pre-fall looks like even thru the lens of an iPhone.

  3. These are great things to be thankful for! I am so glad fall is here. And I love that sunny photo!


  4. It's still awhile before the leaves start falling here, but I'm ready! I love your last comment, thank you for the reminder, I hope you all are feeling better today.

  5. Steph--When you comment on my blog I feel so famous. I admit it, I'm star struck.

  6. ahhh-thank you! that was a great birthday gift to be on the famous blog. i need to get a copy of that pic and put it out. courtney and candi/candi and courtney. i love you always! 15 years-wow, i feel old, what about when we are 50 and we're saying we've been friends for 40 years!!!



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