Friday, September 10, 2010

Boys Sneak Out the Window for the FIRST Time

In bed blogging by iPhone. Let's see what two thumbs and 10% battery can do.

Ever been talking to a friend, kids playing in the other room and you tune out their constant need to interupt? That was Natalyn (her husband is working up here with my husband) and I tonight. We were just chatting away as the (just cleaned) playroom was introduced to 400 legos via Nation dance. That's where a toddler dumps out legos and then does break dancing on them. It looked like he was swimming in them at one point too. (Why did I buy those again?)

My two oldest and her two youngest were playing 4 feet from us in a safe, well gated room.

Then there was a knock at the door. I assumed our last minute and short playdate (or playevening) was being cut short by the arrival of our husbands.

There stood my two sons. One in a diaper and one in underwear.

(Insert mental picture here.)

Apparently all the chatter we were ignoring was Natalyn's obedient children telling us my boys had escaped.

Windows up. Screen kicked out. Then out the window they went. Luckily their first stop was not the parking lot, but my front door to brag about their sucess.

Moments like this keep me shaking my head and laughing...I know there is always more where "that" came from.

5% remaining. Not bad.


  1. Oh man. Our neighbors kids used to do that to, but they didn't go to the front door. Glad yours did!

  2. OH MY! At least their pride kept them from taking a fall, right? :)

  3. Perhaps they are practicing for their teen years. ;-) Just kidding, I'm sure they would NEEEVVVER so that.

  4. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh... I'm not looking forward to my turn at this one...



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