Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is Now Accepting Donations For A Pregnancy Test

How fair is it that pregnancy tests are so expensive anyways? 

About as fair as that last 10 lbs that stay on till you're done with breastfeeding. [Or in my case, has been accumulating with the last three pregnancies that all began before nursing was finished.]

Part of me wants to go down to the grocery store and spend $20 to put my curiosity to rest, but part of me is too cheap and will wait it out in the mail for them to arrive. Don't suggest I buy them from the dollar store---they've never worked for me. Good for you if they did.

I think I'm pregnant because:
1. My husband says I'm not
2. I've been very sleepy lately & taken a few naps 
3. I'm extra hungry
4. I lost my desire to drink water [however soda, lemonade, & root beer all look swallowable]
5. I smelled this funk in our car well before everyone noticed it yesterday
6. An unmentionable
7. I found myself rubbing my belly
8. When I add 5 months [Moses] to 9 months and end up with 14 months my eye twitches
9. I wrote about gifts & surprises last week
10. I've had a extra desire to work-out
11. We're missing June 
MARCH [Moses]
APRIL [Me & Solomon]
MAY [Charles]

I think I'm not pregnant because:
1. Everytime my nursing baby hits a milestone month [3,6,9,12] I feel pregnant. However, usually by 12 months, my feeling is correct.

Reason's I'd be excited if I was pregnant
1. I've adjusted to three
2. I'd love more
3. I love kids
4. Yes, they are a lot of work, but I'm ready for more even so
5. Maybe Pink?
6. I enjoy pregnancy [give or take a few weeks]
7. I enjoy labor
8. I'd be one kid away from filling up my SUV so Charles would be forced to buy me a Honda Odessey
9. I'd look even more nutty in the grocery store
10. We'd be a family of 6
11. Charles keeps telling me how pretty I look [the glow?]
12. Children are a blessing from the Lord

Reason's I'd not be excited if I was pregnant
1. The compounding weight gain

In all seriousness, this was just something I thought would be humorous to blog about. 

I'm sure there are others out there who have questioned their pregnancy status with small baby in arms. I think I can speak for most of us when I say, we'd be overjoyed after we got over ourselves a bit. For me, it's the weight, but give me a few more months to work these triple P's [previous pregnancy pounds] off and I wouldn't even have a "not" list. 

I'll leave you all curious with this blog post and update you soon. Please don't congratulate, in all honestly I don't think I'm really pregnant [sort of]. Ha.


  1. Love my Honda Odyssey, however, with 3 of my own and 2 daycare (5 yrs and soon a 3 month old) my van will be CRAMPED with a CAPITAL every letter!!! My husband wants a Yukon. It has 3rd row seating and will accomodate all those big car seats more comfortably. Thinking pink! ;)

  2. Oh goody...if you are...we can just alternate. I'm almost finished, then you're turn...we'll see! Keep us posted;)

  3. Not Norris :) BUT I am excited to hear if it is a yes!!

    Lauren N.

  4. So, you are obviously not pregnant because you just said on the internet that you think you might be. Which means you won't be, and you'll have to come back later and admit you were wrong to the whole internet.

    But then again, because you said it out loud, now it's obvious that you are pregnant because saying it out loud makes it so.

    You should really try the Dollar Tree tests. *grins*

  5. I'm a testimonial for the success of Dollar Tree tests as well. Give it a whirl. Also, GO PINK! :)

  6. I agree with those supporting DollarTree tests too, you can just test and test rather than wait and wonder...
    Sending pink thoughts your way (even if not for now, eventually)

  7. Yes, the Odyssey is wonderful! The family I work for got a new one a couple months ago and I love it! It almost made me want one for myself!

  8. I'm thinking pink and a minivan :)

  9. This post is hilarious!!! I love it. I can so relate, you don't even know! ;) Nice to read something from someone in my world so to speak! It's great to e-meet you! :)



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