Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Half a Billion for Blue Popcorn

L-O-V-E weekends. Except when you drive [2 hr round trip] to Cincinnati for the 4th weekend in a row to visit the Apple store, yet again. I have always adored my Apple products [still do], but temporally I am a little disturbed that in replacing a part of my computer they found it necessary to wipe the harddrive clean. I was backed up as recent as a month ago, but all my precious August photos were lost. 

I cried. 

Then I had a fabulous pedicure & Cold Stone...and moved on.

Sunday we went to the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival.

For those of you who don't know, Ohio is one of the largest corn producing states in the country. 

Producing around half a billion bushels a year. When you drive around here you see lots of...

Corn fields

& Barns 
[I have to restrain myself from constantly pulling over to photograph them]

& Blue Skies 
[Seriously though I think it the lack of Atlanta smog or something because the blue skies and white clouds here are daily cartoon like]

Kids had a super time and I think they mostly enjoyed the fire station booth. 

I told the firemen I hoped I never saw them again...in a nice way...as in visiting my loft apartments in the next three months. They almost had to break their promise today when [while I was brushing my teeth] Nation took my flat iron, plugged it in, and put a receipt in it.

"Look mom it holds things" Again, The Flash.

I also got my yearly car detail done Sunday. It only took them three hours to clean the inside. The smell couldn't be captured by photo. 

This is the before:

In other news, I'm very much so contemplating re-designing my blog. I need inspiration. When you think of my blog...what comes to mind? 

What icon or graphic or words or themes do you see meshing well with my blog. I don't want to go too boyish as I hope I'll have this blog long enough to produce a pink offspring. Do you know what I'm talking about? Like Ree at Pioneer Woman has butterflies and Beth at ishouldbefoldinglaundry has clothes pins. 

What says "Curious Georgi"? 

Monkeys [Curious George] is what I know you think of first, but I don't think I can legally use that monkey and also, it's a boy, I'm a girl. I'm thinking more a long the lines of a hot skinny avatar mom wearing lots of hats and spinning dishes on sticks. Kidding. 

Seriously though...suggestions?


  1. Hi such great picks looks like a good time. I created the avatar I own my own little shop www.klacustomcreations.etsy.com

  2. Kristen, I meant How did you create it? Did you use a program or website or is this a service you provide?

  3. an adorable chick monkey with great accessories would be perrrfect :)

  4. Thanks Chrissi! I can hardly wait to see your pictures...ahhhhhhh

  5. Hi! Now I'm taking a turn visiting YOUR blog! Are you fairly new to blogging? I love the pics of your fam! I got a friend to design my banner and then gave him free permanent links plus lots of love in my posts. I gave him some ideas and things I did and didn't want and he came up with mine, which I LOVE. So, maybe post on facebook or here to ask for volunteers for free linking!!

  6. Kiki, yes, one month in :) having fun! thanks for the idea

  7. 4 vertical blue lines and one pink on the side bar.

    or a cute little hootie whoo family.

    or 2 twin hippos :)

    oorrrr a fun girlie floral theme.

    or a HOT AIR BALLOON!!!!

  8. 1) That's why Mac is Whack.
    2) I want to see the "after" picture.
    3) Have you tested yet?
    4) Curious makes me think of little eyes peeking over fences or around corners, or in windows, or out of drawers/doors, etc.

  9. This sounds like such a fun weekend!

    You want pink? I say, "Go for it!"

  10. Pierce loved looking at the fireman pics. that is hilarious that you posted the pic of your car before getting cleaned. ah, the digital camera generation. if we didn't vacuum every week (when we got out more than we do now) it would be rough.




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