Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful This Year For...

...all the beauty.

If social media, or blogging is any indication of reality, apparently all we did this year was have fun. Beautiful, unending, sweet fun.

Which we did.

But we also had one of the most difficult years of the last 10. Lucky [I guess] for you, I didn't take a picture or blog every time I cried, or freaked out, or wondered if God still heard me.

It amazes me looking back over my pictures from the last 11 months, how beautiful and blessed my life is. You'd never know the dark dark dark moments we endured. The trials, and the tests. Life just looks perfect. Beautiful. And you know--- really, its was. All the beauty and goodness of the Lord displayed in my precious family outweighs everything the world through us this year.

Thankful this year for...

the snow [more than once!]
the habit of 6 am walks with a dear friend
another great year at Classical Conversations
my girlfriends [tea parties, coffee chats, group txt messages]
a half million trips to the pool & parks
free trip to the beach with family
women's retreat hearing Havilah Cunnington speak
leading small group in our home almost every week
starting a photography business by accident
taking a watercolor class
restoration in relationships
my husband reading through the bible with my boys every night
Charles dad staying with us for the first time
the bitter sweet watching of our Katie turning from babysitter to wife and mom
all our birthdays--- 33, 30, 8, 6, 4, 2
our last minute AL trip to visit a friend of 20 years I hadn't seen in years
the boys taking up skateboarding
watching our friends and family rally around us when we needed them most
seeing my brother graduate from the Army
a visit to Texas to see my step sister get married
Heaven's love of the water table [aka how we got homeschool done]

And our countless field trips to: The Zoo, The Fernbank Museum, Tennessee Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, The High, Braves games, Rock City, Kennesaw Mountain, Children's Museum, Bounce U, Monkey Joes, and Sky Zone #weloveseasonpasses #welovewhenfriendstakeusforfree

This year was by no means smooth, but I think its easy to forget how much beautiful was in it, unless I take time to remind myself of it. This is me reminding myself, it wasn't all bad.

Thank you Lord.

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  1. I left comments from my phone but it didn't show up :) what a wonderful perspective. life is so beautiful!!!! y'all did have a ton of fun this year and a lot of just togetherness. that is priceless. and i made it on the list!!



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