Sunday, June 30, 2013

What June Taught Me

IMG_3602June was filled with lots of swimming. A braves game, or two. Trip to the Zoo. Golf camp, Tennis camp and VBS. Trip to the lake. More swimming.
Also this summer, Charles and I took a course at our church called Arise. I wrote down some amazing things God showed me through the class in June in my journal. Some of which I will now relay to my good friend Sarah would say... "you're welcome"
One was called Journal Activation. Fancy for, talk to God, write down what He says.
Three questions our teacher suggested...
1-What do you want me to give to you today?
2-What do you want to give me in exchange?
3-What do you feel when you look at me?
So, God might say something to me like a word, or I might see a picture, or hear a song, etc. Like lots of noise, and then I say "God what was all that noise about?" and he might say "I want you to give me all the noise in your life" and then I'd ask, "What do you want to give me in exchange for that?" and the might reply "Rest, Peace, Quiet, Being Still, Selah..." and Then I'd ask what he thinks when he looks at me and he might say or show me something. Like a stream, and I have the impression that it's so nice to be around and quiet and relaxing. think I'm relaxing? [I don't think I am! ha!] He sees the potential in me though! He's encouraging me to trade what's not of Him, for what is of Him, that I might be who he sees I am.
Sounds simple right? Well, it is and it isn't. It is easy because God is always talking, and he deeply desires for his sheep to hear his voice. However, it can be hard because the world is so loud and the enemy is so determined we often miss the opportunity. We're impatient or we think "that was just me." I found that journaling what the Lord was saying back to me helped me to logically rationalize less because I was just flowing and writing it.
Did God really just say that about me?
I can't begin to tell you how encouraging it was to hear God. So try it. Just ask God, and write down whatever you hear. If it lines up with scripture, take it.

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