Thursday, January 24, 2013

Q&A "Homeschooling, Where Do I Start?"

I received an email from a friend  who is slightly considering homeschooling, and in the event she does more strongly consider it...she wants to know...where to start.
My [imperfect] answer---
1. Ask Jesus what He wants you to do
2. Make sure your husband is in agreement
3. Join a group (like the one I'm in!!!) so you have support and a place to ask questions
4. Don't stress, it's K-12th grade, not a doctorate program
5. Ask around, best way to avoid terrible curriculums or common novice mistakes is ask those who have "gone before"
Regardless if you want to or not, feel qualified or don't, think it will be easy or hard---you have to obey what The Lord says. Or don't, and be miserable. Whatever His answer, or calling for you and your house---answer that. Not your neighbors.
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