Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chicken Spaghetti & Pencils

I can barely walk up the stairs. I have my new personal trainer to thank for that. Three years ago Charles prepaid for three months worth of training 3 days a week and never used them---lucky me---I'm now stealing them. He's also so kind to pay for a sitter as well so I don't have to lug the kids to the gym. I guess he's equally excited to see me regain [some resemblance] of my girlish figure. Ha.
We started school back again after our "summer" break [we took the Fall off instead of the Summer]. See picture above. No teeth were pulled, but not many worksheets were finished either, however I do feel as though a lot of learning occurred. Check.
Charles is working is going well. Kids are playing with Christmas toys and outside a bit on warmer days. Heaven is a good baby [let's not use the word "easy" makes me look bad]. I'm getting back in the groove after the holidays.
I made chicken spaghetti [take that new year's resolution to cook more]. Let's all just pretend there was no cream of mushroom in it. Everyone also please put your hands together and cheer that I now know that "pulse" is the better option than "on" on the food processor if you prefer to make your chicken shredded verses babyfood mush.
Look at me, one week into the new year and already I've occurred a life lesson.
My to-do list is long. My basement needs a good organizing. Scrapbooks need finishing. Hair needs washing. Let's not even talk about leg shaving...

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