Wednesday, July 11, 2012

West Palm Beach, FL

Charles has a 3 week wire project in West Palm Beach, FL so we decided to tag along because we love him so much...well...that and the beach. We are about 1 minute from the hotel pool and 10 minutes from the beach so I can't make too many excuses about staying cool during over the next three weeks. If that's possible while in third trimester.

The hotel room is large enough for us, but small enough for me to have a break from cleaning. They come by and do the dishes, linens and general cleaning everyday. Plus the hotel provides free breakfast and dinner most day of the week. It's a challenge to remind kids to be considerate of their neighbors with their voices, but so far no complaints from the front desk.

Today is our second full day here, it's raining, so we will probably locate the local Target. We found Publix yesterday. The simple things that make you feel "at home". Wait...where is the Starbucks?

Last night we went down to the beach after dinner. We, of course, planned to only take a walk, but the kids couldn't help themselves and before we knew it--- everyone was swimming and digging in the sand. They had a blast.

Below is our hotel room...

[two rooms like this]

We brought a toddler mattress for Moses [sleeps in closet]

three TV's & dvd players [all nailed down thank God]


living area

"private pool" aka I guess we are the only ones with kids far


  1. Toddler bed idea, is genius...if only I had room to fit one in when we travel.

  2. I think it is hilarious you thought you could just take a walk on the beach and not get wet. :) I have a hard time staying out of the water and I am old enough to know better! ;) Have a blessed few weeks.

  3. what an awesome blessing to your third trimester-meals, maid service, beach! Wow. The boys are too cute!!! Well, they always have been. what a special time before the big event of new baby!! keep me posted and feel free to call if you find yourself relaxing on the beach while they play ;-)

  4. oh, and i just realized you'll be getting a new logo sometime after your find out if your having a boy or a girl. 3 boys on your legs and baby in the sling :)

  5. I read your blog and find it interesting and saw the images of you and the hotel facility..You have given good description about hotel and beach.I like these types of places especially near beaches.Hotels Palm Beach Florida is the place where you will find facilities like you have mentioned in your blog.



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