Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday #101

Thankful This Week For...

...Nation [turning 6]

1. Watching him build [everything]
2. His tender heart towards the Lord at a young age
3. How fearless he is [even if it scares me at times]
4. His energy [one of a kind]
5. His mommies freckles spread across this nose & upper cheeks
6. How he randomly tells me he loves me & I'm pretty
7. His health
8. That he never gives up
9. How artistic he is
10. That he's all mine

last minute batman cake from publix...we missed our normal yummy cakes, but he liked it

he's 6!

can't wait

14 friends came to swim at my moms

the guys

bike from papaw

treated his bros to ice cream with bday money

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