Saturday, May 12, 2012

20 weeks

Turning 20 weeks is so fun. It's fun enough getting to double digits, but it's even more fun when you leave the teens and get into the twenties. I'd like to think it's all "downhill from here", but three experiences tell me it's all "uphill from here". However, if we are basing this on time alone I'd like to think I have less than more time left.

Once nausea was over, I can't complain much. I've been sleeping well & carrying on with life as normal. The heat hasn't gotten to me too much...yet. The baby is kicking & moving a lot more these days [like right now]. My last appointment went really well, my blood pressure was low, but slightly higher than normal for me. I'm sure that's just some of the natural stress we've under, but I'm sure it will even out again soon. I've gained 10 pounds at this point, which is about normal for me. I usually go onto gain about a pound a week over the next 20 weeks, putting me usually between 30-35 pounds total.

I haven't been on the elliptical as much as I should. I'm going to blame that on stress, family sickness and being exhausted when I think about it. I hope to report soon I've been hoping on the elliptical more often. I made a chart this week to chart my supplements, eating, exercise, sleep, water intake, etc. It's been easy to get distracted with life and running around and forget to take care of myself. It's really helped me to see where I can improve.

We could have found out this week [or four weeks ago] what the sex of the baby is, but we're gonna be surprised again.

I'm thankful for this life inside me.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Candra. It's always nice to feel teary eyed after a sweet birth story.



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