Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday #83

this lovely iPhone photo is what happens when your husband borrows your awesome camera for work all month


craft table "open" all week
butterflies [as we watch all their stages unfold while studying them this week it's pretty amazing to see]
easter decorations on my mantel
a new month
warm weather [makes me excited for the summer]
little boys in shorts
little boys with haircuts [finally! after 4 months]
yogli mogli
kids who love sprinkles
$50 well spent at our churches consignment sale on clothes for my oldest and myself [maternity]
a clean backporch
2010 january scrapbooked [after a more than 2 year hiatus]
a 9 week old baby in my belly
a baby in someone else's belly who just found out
my 36 lb "baby" who turns 2 this month
being hungry again after a week of not [thank you very much stomach virus]
seeing Moses sleep in a toddler bed [after he managed to successfully break two pack n plays recently]
that I got married before "say yes to the dress" and pinterest [really uncomplicated the pressure!]
an older brother who put his baby brother down for a nap this week for me
my husbands creative genius mind that i don't fully understand or appreciate, it's mysterious nevertheless

What are you thankful for this week? 
Link up below.
I'm making my way through my 1000 gifts this year.

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