Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Blog In My Mind

I blog in my mind...is it just me? I've gone from blogging almost daily to once a week. Part of me is wondering how I'm suppose to become the next great blogger with a track record like this [joke]---or---I just really miss writing about what I think/is happening to me.

To break the silence since Thursday---[annoying to some, or one] Papyrus font is making a come back on the blog.

Would you like a run down of my last month? 
Of course you don't, here goes

[insert list long list of complainants]
....included, but not limited to pregnancy nausea, family stomach virus, and several reasons to be on amoxicillin...
[realizes I have too much to be thankful, aborts this list]

I'm so thankful to be 9 weeks pregnant, although it's been nothing of the "death like symptoms" I've previously experienced in pregnancies, any all day nausea while chasing 3 little ones is challenging. I'm hopeful I'm around the corner---for several reasons---including our current family diet.

[included but not limited to]
-me cooking rarely, us eating out a lot
-child recognizable brand boxes of breakfast & snack foods that my children can open and feed themselves that I've kept them from eating their whole life
-personally having an aversion to most meat, veggies, and fruit [unless you include fruit cups in syrup] ieatcarbsonly.com
-me ordering food and then just looking at it

In my case, during the first trimester, I have to eat anything to try to get calories in. It's not always my mental preference for health, but I'm hopeful by the time my midwife starts her visits with me next month I can report I'm eating a steady diet of only spinach. 
Call me Popeye.
Or still be my friend, crunchy mommies.
Don't look in my pantry, re-fridge, or car.
Please, don't judge.
Pretend with me.
Yell at me if I'm eating like this after 12 weeks.

Did I mention I have an aversion to chocolate too?
Y'all know this is serious.


  1. Yeah for Papyrus!

    And if you started eating totally healthy at 12 weeks, please don't blog about it to me. ;-)

    I'll have a Grande, half-caf., Caramel Macc. at 125 please, and I barely care that that gluttonous, overpriced indulgence is almost $5. With some chocolate covered almonds on the side. Oh, and a 20 lb. baby.

    Glad to see you blogging again- it takes a lot for me to go to anybody's site to comment ;-)


  2. Oh my goodness, congratulations on the pregnancy.

    I think First Trimester and Newborn phase, junk food and junk tv is allowed, its in the bible.

  3. While I am not in the papyrus fan club, I am in the Candra fan club so I will not judge nor even mention your diet or lack thereof. In fact wasn't I the one exhorting you to drink the chai already? :) I do hope you turn the corner soon. Or maybe not... maybe there is an estrogen issue going on with your FEMALE fetus. :D

  4. Burgers and fries are my staples for the first 12 weeks or so, even if I'm gagging on the way to go get them. My oldest is a master chef bc he loved to eat and realized early that his mama couldn't cook to well when she was prego. He was making oatmeal and scrambled eggs by the time he was 5. He's not much of a cereal eater.

  5. I don't love Papyrus but I love you. :)



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