Saturday, March 24, 2012

12 Weeks [Morning Sickness Tips & Liver Cleanse]

I haven't written much since we announced we were pregnant with number four. It's been a very busy 8ish weeks since I found out. That's the bad news, the good news is I think I'm officially over "morning sickness". I must confess, after baby #1 put me in the hospital from such extreme vomiting and dehydration [oh and 25 pounds weight loss]...and baby #3 required prescription drugs like baby #1 to be able to even function [and not have to hire a full time babysitter for myself & kids] ...I'm thankful for pregnancy #2 and #4 that didn't give me such a hard time.

I don't really remember my second pregnancy, but I know it was similar to this one. This one may or may not have been easier. I don't know, this time around I was chasing three boys and keeping up a a house 4X larger than ever before. So, truly it's not comparable.

This pregnancy was different in some ways. I didn't really feel the most sick in the morning, but around 1pm and 11pm. Basically when I think my body got tired, I felt ill instead of sleepy. I ate a lot to avoid the queazy feeling, gained 5 pounds, not too shabby I don't think. Considering I didn't exercise once and ate a lot of carbs. Steered clear of must real food and eventually became able to drink water. Having lots of suckers in my purse didn't hurt either.

This week I started back on the elliptical, and putting green things back on my plate. I am so thankful to Jesus that I was able to care for my family and house despite the speed and quality at which I might have done that sometimes, ha. I really believe it was the Lord's healing and grace [mercy!] on my life. I did try two fasts before this pregnancy to help cleanse my liver and two different supplements that I will recommend incase they help anyone else in the future. 


I took Livatone Plus before I was pregnant for a few months [not safe during pregnancy]. 

Then when I thought I might be pregnant or when I finally found out I was pregnant I started taking Liver Glow II [which is safe during pregnancy]. Once I started feeling ill around 6 weeks I stopped, maybe I should have kept going, but it was hard enough to get anything down, much less herbal drops. Although, I will say, they don't taste bad. 

The point was to help cleanse my liver...which I believe to be very much related to why I normally feel so bad. Your body produces so many hormones while growing baby, if they liver doesn't properly help flush them out, you can literally become sick from the overdose of them. I'm no Dr., that's the Candra version of the story.
I also used Psi Bands for the first time for several weeks. They aren't magic, but I do believe they take "the edge off". I usually use those hideous sea bands that look like you're about to play tennis in the 1980's. I think I use to own mustard yellow fuzzy ones---ugh! So these were way more cute. 

Other than that, I recommend the basic recommendations--- rest a lot, don't drink caffeine, research what you should and shouldn't eat, take it easy, eat and drink what you can---and do it often. When you stop feeling so sick---then---give yourself a harder time about the water intake and perfect pregnancy diet.

Yay second trimester---here I come!


  1. I must have missed your announcement but congratulations and I'm so glad you're starting to feel better.

  2. You are so beautiful! I miss you! Praying for you and the baby and Charles whenever I think about you guys. xoxo

  3. Great Picture! I am thinking about trying the liver cleanse stuff. I am sure it could help me!

  4. Beautiful photo! I'm so glad this pregnancy was better. Wish I could have stayed longer on Sat. We will have to get together soon.

  5. yay!!!!! so happy this pregnancy is going well and not too sick. the photo is amazing!!!



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