Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday #76

Thankful This Week For...

#20 a organized pantry

#21 my expired pantry contents "recycled" to my kids to play with

#22 the smell of spices and fun on my back porch

#24 playing checkers with my oldest son

#25 my husband working 72 hours a week this month [miss him, but thankful he works hard]

#26 a old navy card i never use in my car when my oldest son hid my debit card and i needed money

#27 videos on the iPhone of my bestie in nc's baby

#28 a friends baby being released home from the hospital

#29 a friend helping us get a sweet discount on some business equipment

#30 chatting [and eating and laughing] with my girlfriends about being a wife

#31 a friend coming over to scrapbook

#32 the beautiful light around 5 after it rains

#33 an "almost" mudroom...bath tub not far from the back door

#34 meal planning for 5 crock pot meals going rather smoothly thus far

#35 pb&j to save the day when one meal was a wee bit too spicy for the kiddos

#36 freezer full of fresh [organic? ha] deer meat

#37 learning about fascinating elephants

#38 losing a embroidery machine, but gaining a bedroom space back

#39 week two of no junk drawers and none of resurfaced

#40 how clean the sound of a dishwasher sounds

What are you thankful for this week?

I'm starting 2012 off making my 1000 gift list at A Holy Experience

Link up below and share what 1, 10, zillion things you're thankful for...


  1. Your pantry is wonderful, your boys are adorable and the 11 linker-uppers are awesome! So much fun! Miss ya'll!

  2. Great list and I love the photo's! :) I have never thought to let the kids play with the expired fun! That looks so fun!!!



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