Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Resolutions for 2012

Last year, I made 11 resolutions. It was a bit hard looking back over them, feeling like I'd missed the mark [or 11], but a goal written down is better than no goal at all...right? All were achieved at least in part. That's what another new year is for...or so I'm telling myself.

To be honest, I wasn't at all prepared for the new year. It might have been because I hosted my first New Year's Eve party and we were still playing cards after 3 am, and my baby woke up for the day at 7 am. I think I probably should have made my list with a lot more thought and prayer, but I wrote some down on scratch paper while I was working out on the elliptical instead.

I love beginnings of years, I love beginnings of months and weeks, but I don't like failing. I know that none of "my plans" can happen without the Lord. I know that in all my efforts, I will surely fail, but in Christ, I can do all things. Especially those things He is calling me to do, and not just me thinking I should achieve. So, I don't really feel like I know already what all the Lord is calling me to in 2012...but here is a stab in the dark at it.

1. Inviting His Presence Into My Life More
Through more worship music in the house, more family devotions,  more listening to my audio bible, more reading The Word on my phone, more praying for my husband & kids while at the sink, and more conversing with Him as I go about my day. In 2010, God taught me a lot about prayer, and finding time for His word. I loved all the Beth Moore bible studies and growing in the Lord with my girlfriends. There is always room for more---especially this year.

2. Putting My Husband First
Something God really has been teaching me about for the last two years. In all the small ways I put him first, he becomes first in my life in a big way. Serving, not looking to be served.

3. Loving My Kids
Only second to my husband, my kids are my ministry. I'd love this year to be a year where I grow more in training, teaching, and loving my kids. I guess the goal is---the least amount of therapy later in life needed. I had a period of last year where I struggled a lot with anger and yelling, it ceased for a good bit, but when some situations in life resurrected those heart issues in me---anger has reared it's head. I don't want to be angry in my heart. So maybe a SOZO. This goal also includes reading a few more books on parenting and reprograming my mind to practice what I preach. Patience. Slow to Anger. Sharing. Kindness. Selflessness.

4. Sleep
I'm a night owl, I've said it a zillion times. I'm spoiled because my kids sleep all night and take great naps so I can too...on occasion. With homeschooling and working out, sometimes I just can't---to which I rely heavily on caffeine and Jesus because otherwise I'm just a hot mess waiting to explode on the next person because I'm so sleepy. So many of my problems in life are solved with 8 hours of sleep under my belt. I'd love this to be the year I highly value those 8 hours of sleep in a row at night.

5. Cooking
Probably only second to complaining about my lack of self control when it comes to going to bed on time, is my complaining about my lack of persevering in the area of cooking. I'm lazy. I'm really good with a plan. E-mealz really helps me. So does meal planning, only I tend to weave in and out of consistency in those departments. Another great goal this year would be if I could become more of a planner and follow through. I still don't enjoy cooking, but I always enjoy when my husbands happy and when we're all around the table at night at a meal I made for them. Last year was the most meals I've ever cooked, so it was definitely a start. Health is always my goal, and the more we eat in the healthier it is. Saves money too. I need a rad 3 meals a day plan for this year.

6. Lose Weight
I hate to say it, it's so cliche, but it's a fact of [my] life. I was 225 when Moses was born and lost 20 before Weight Watchers, and 20 after, but have been stuck at the glorious 185 for so many months I don't remember. I really wanted to get pregnant about 6 months ago, but have really struggled with losing the next 20-30 pounds to put me back at my pre-baby weight. I can do it. It's not impossible, it just takes more self control and effort that I've given it so far. I haven't done my best, I'm not proud of it, but I am where I am and I'm ready to ask for mercy and try again. Not being pregnant has been really upsetting to me as "my plan" hasn't been happening, but we don't see the wisdom in getting pregnant on purpose when I'm so overweight. Weight Watchers worked, but became very difficult for me to keep up with while homeschooling & keeping up with this big house. I don't have a food plan at this point [never a good thing!], but I'm listening. I want one. My only goal in this department is to use my new elliptical at home for an hour a as much as that is possible. A habit I really want to get into. Then---my reward---get pregnant!

7. Reading
Last year my goal was to read 12 books. I think I ended up around six. [1] Radical [2] Crazy Love [3] For The Child's Sake [4] The Five Love Languages [5] One Thousand Gifts [6] Men Are Like Waffles Women Are Like Spaghetti.  I attribute all this reading to Audible. It was something new I tried last year and I loved listening to audio books. I didn't hit my goal of 12, but it was 6 more books than I would have sat down to read, so I'm thankful, and ready to try again for 12 this year. Another post I'll review the books I read last year.

8. Operation World
My heart is for the nation's. Hence why I named my first son, Nation. Life doesn't really allow to much foreign traveling with all my littles at home, but that's no excuse not to be involved in what God is doing. I bought the book, signed up for the emails, and plan to work through it as a family. I want my focus to be that of a world view, and not of a "I have so much laundry my life stinks" view. Perspective for 2012, please.

9. Be Mentored
One of my biggest "regrets" of 2011 was that I didn't have a personal mentor I spoke with often. I have a few ideas in mind, but I'd love the Lord to orchestrate that for me. I really would love a Godly older woman I could glean from. 

10. Make Disciples
It's a God mandate. Love God and love others. The best way to love others is to: [1] Tell them about Jesus [2] Help them be set free to fully love him [3] Serve them [4] Live life side by side with them. I want this to be a year where I really focus on relationships---at all stages. To some, I need to share Christ for the first time, to others, I need to show them how they can be set free from bondages or be healed, to others I just need to take them a meal or help watch their kids, and most fun of all---live life transparently & peacefully alongside the body of Christ. It's something I want to wake up everyday being mindful of.

11. Scrapbooking
It was this time two years ago when I scrapbooked for the last time. I can't believe I'm even saying that. It's a hobby I really really enjoy, but when baby #3 came, more traveling, blogging, moving, new social life at church, etc etc---personal time for scrapbooking took a huge back burner. I'd love to [1] Make Moses a baby album [2] Do a digital album for 2010 [3] Do a digital album for 2011 and [4] Start a paper album for 2012. I need a plan for this goal as well. Oh, and a lot of time. I love photographing our life and displaying what God has done---it needs to make it's way back as a priority in my life.

12. Look At My Goals Everyday
I think that if I get some practical plans for executing my above 11 goals for 2012, and put them at the fore front of my mind everyday I am much more likely to accomplish them. For sure, waking up to a baby in a dirty diaper, a toddler who needs a drink and an oldest child who is ready to start school---it's easy to forget to pray, read, share Christ, or even brush my teeth. My desire is that I would be Holy Spirit led this year to be a better & healthier follower, wife, mother and friend than I was last year. I'm asking God for His goals, His plans, and His wisdom in executing all them with peace, joy and good fruit! Excited for all God will do in and through me this year. And you too!

What about you? What are your 2012 resolutions?


  1. I am working on my list of goals still. The only ones I have so far are to be healthier, I weigh 212 and that's the biggesst i have ever been, so I have started running and doing fruit shakes in the morning and Yoga at night, and to get in God's word more. I don't read his word everyday like I should. And then be more disciplined and focused in general life, my blog, my photography and all that jazz. :)

  2. I am thinking aboout it. No. 4 is also important for me.



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