Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Songs [31 Things I Know]

[me pretending I can play when Charles & I were dating]

This I know...
...can change my mood.

[and mind]

I am not musical. My husband is. My kids are. Again, I am not. Some have said I'm tone deaf, or even partially. Ha. I don't mind. I grew up in South Texas, so I grew up on country music. I have a special place in my heart for songs like "Neon Moon" by Brooks & Dunn and "Baby Blue" by George Strait. At some point after I became a Christian in late elementary, early middle school, I started listening to Christian music. I believe my first CD was Jars of Clay---the album with "Love Song" on it. A song, that consequently probably saved my life, that story is for another post. However, that led into other favorites like Third Day and Jennifer Knapp. Songs on their albums literally got me through high school.

There was a time when I didn't listen to secular music [you know, youth group bonfires and all], but slowly but surely I accumulated my old favorite CD's. I think it was early on in college when I got my first iPod and ventured into the world of downloading songs one at a time from Napster, I mean, iTunes. I can't remember how or why, but I started to fall in love with Rita Springers worship music. This was before I discovered bands like Passion, Hillsong United, and Bethel.

I hate the radio, and rarely listen. Our new van has XM so I love to listen to the "coffee house music" station. But in general, I just play music off my iPod in the car and at home. A few years ago I bought a player for the kitchen that wirelessly plays my Pandora stations, and I love it. It allows me to listen to just the music I want to---even if I don't own it. Free and legal. Take that Napster. I prefer worship music or music that gets my mind back on Heaven and not my [at times] [okay, who am I kidding, all the time] chaotic surroundings. Although, I do love me some good Jack Johnson. He's music, I mean, his ukulele just immediately teleports me to a beach and away from my piles of dishes and laundry. Charles gets a wee bit jealous, I did by him a ukulele last Christmas to give him a shot at being my next Pandora station, but he hasn't taken to it as much. There's still hope.

I'm made a quick [and I'm sure, sure to change] list of my favorite "get me happier" songs. Not all of them are "happy happy" songs, but they get my blood rushing or my mind going a different direction. I'm convinced on days [or weeks] when little music is played in my house---I'm grumpier. Somehow music tells me to chill out, let it go, refocus, be thankful, be happy, be in the moment---not somewhere else hating my life...bored to death, and overwhelmed. Sounds better to be happier, right?

Here's my list:

1. Where Did All The Good People Go [Jack Johnson]
2. Rise Up [Rita Springer]
3. Yellow [Coldplay]
4. Dancing Queen [ABBA]
5. Wide Open Spaces [Dixie Chicks]
6. Everyday [Dave Mathews Band]
7. Stand By Me [Ben E King]
8. Three Little Birds [Bob Marley]
9. Babylon [David Gray]
10. Jeremiah [Sara Groves]

What's on yours? Any song that gets you happy again?


  1. Fix you. Best song ever, Christian or secular. It just makes me instantly feel happy, loved, and peaceful. Like I can handle anything and the Lords always there to keep me on the right track- my Light unto my path.


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