Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sleep [31 Things I Know]

This I know...
SLEEP necessary.

It doesn't seem like rocket science right? "They" say you need it. Your mom said you needed it. You hate your life when you don't get it...oh, but...when it's 10, 11, midnight and Pinterest---Facebook---emails and random Googling is calling your name, you answer. Is it just me? Ha. I think that Starbucks invented Twitter, Amazon & Etsy. After all, who else most profits from all the sleep deprived nights, but my local Starbucks? When she reaches that white [now red] cup across her window into mine---it's almost magical. Sleep in a cup.

I promised myself I'd never drink coffee, then I promised myself I'd learn to like it by the time I had three kids. Even with my nose pitched I swallowed the caffeine for months trying to acquire a taste. All I know is that the answer to "What is the most chocolatey, sugary, most caffeinated, least coffee tasting drink you have?" was White Chocolate Mocha.

I say all this to say, you can't spend all your grocery money on overpriced coffee, so sleep does seem like the cheaper option. Oh, and healthier. Yes, that too. Is it me, or when you're in bed you're thinking "oh wow this is so nice, why didn't I enter this about 3 hours ago" and when the first of your kiddlets runs in your room in the morning and you glance at your iPhone ---6:59--- you wish you had. 

You promise yourself TOMORROW.

Then---your husband turns on an epically long movie at 10:08 PM. You watch. There's always Starbucks, right?

I stayed up till 3 am last night working on Christmas cards. This is an entire other post in itself. Let's just say, the deal ended at midnight west coast time, and I got 2:59. And I totally reconsidered Christmas, shopping, cards, and being Scrooge. I digress---I slept 4 hours. Oh, but the nap I managed today was 2 hours of intensely deep sleep. Like the kind you have when you're pregnant and dead to the world. It was wonderful. Take that Starbucks.

I awoke a new woman. Ready to write about sleep. It's beauty and transforming personality power.

So, do you sleep? I try to average 7-8, really needing a solid 8 though. I use to do 6 and a two hour nap everyday, but now we usually do school during naptime. I can't help it, okay, I can, but I like to say that. I just can't help it, the evenings are so tempting with all the endless "me" time. Okay, that sounds selfish. Yikes. Let's wrap this up to say, I value it, I love it, I'm trying to get better at it, and I've felt it. I've felt the difference and as funny as I've made it out---it's important. 

So in the words of a dear friend--- DO IT!

Sleep my friends.


Pinterest will still be there at 7 am, but not sleep. Thank you walking alarm clock.


***Due to my extreme lack of actually putting fingers to keys and writing lately, I've decided to give myself a 31 day writers block topic...31 days of things I know. This will be 31 posts of random things I know. It may or may not be helpful. It may or may not make you laugh. It may or may not be things you already know. It may or may not be things you're wondering why I even bothered writing about. It may or may not be worth the 5 minutes I type these posts...regardless...I think it will be good for me to just reflect and write. So, I say all this to say, I hope you laugh, learn, and maybe even roll your eyes a little. Please Jesus, just don't fall asleep.***


  1. Haha, I love your posts...they ALWAYS make me laugh and are always a good reason to stay on the computer when I should be sleeping:)

  2. it is 11:25... I should be sleeping... but that quiet time is just to wonderful... starbucks it is for me :)



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