Sunday, December 4, 2011

Plain [31 Things I Know]

This I know...
PLAIN easier than fancy.

[photograph by Mango Street Photography]

I'd like to brag that my favorite color is pink, and while I think that is true, you wouldn't know it from my wardrobe. Maybe it's the age, maybe it's the kids, maybe it's the extra pounds from the first two mentioned---regardless my clothes tend to lend themselves to black, brown or white. To be honest, too many choices just aren't good for me. I'm overwhelmed easily. I confess, I love to be pregnant because they are such limited choices when it comes to shopping. I "have to" go shop at Motherhood Maternity and chose from their very few selections. 

My house doesn't lend itself to much variety either---I tend to go through phases, the last few years it was an Ikea phase, now it's a Target phase. If you're wondering how I decorate [or lack there of] my house right now---walk up and down Target's home decor aisles. I can't help myself [I said it again], the thought of visiting dozens of stores to collect clothes or home decor overwhelms me, so I just pretend only Target sells it [for now.]

I'm a pretty plain jane. I find something I like, and I buy it in four colors and hope know one notices. I have one pair of favorite flip flops and would be happy to wear them 365 days a year, including weddings and snow. I have had the same hair style [more or less] for almost 10 years, I wear the same shades/brand of makeup for about 6 years now, although I tend to wear it [in the same] pony tail more often than anything. 99% of the time you'll see me with this jewelry on: my wedding ring, my pearl ring & my diamond stud earrings. I've also been ordering the same thing off the menu since I was a kid at my favorite restaurants and eating the same flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. If it's not broken...why fix it?

I get my nails painted clear---because all the colors---well there are just too many choices.

If there was a one stop shop store for life, I'd be completely happy. Although I appreciate all the varieties of stores, hair styles and trends---I'm also perfectly happy to find something that works for me and never think about it again. Every now and again, I'll throw some "wild" colored scarf in or some shinny costume jewelry. But in general I'm completely content to wear almost 100% Old Navy jeans/undershirts /tops for-the-rest-of-my-life. I keep buying basically the same swimsuit---each time thinking it's different.

I'm like a cat.

You could feed me pb&j and mac and cheese every night and I'd just be so happy. So maybe you did or didn't know that about me, but I am a pretty stable girl when it comes to fashion [or lack there of] and decorating trends---home or personal. I'm likely to chose safe over racy, or consistent over up and coming. It's fun to be wild, but it's also peaceful to be me. I'm glad I don't have to be someone else---if I want to I can, but if I don't I won't. Oh my gosh that rhymed. I should end on that note.

Precious ladies---be yourself. Plain or Fancy. Pick what's easiest for you!



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