Monday, December 5, 2011

Camera Out [31 Things I Know]

This I know [having the]...
Camera Out necessary with little ones.

I have a very expensive camera [thank you husband who looked on my Amazon wish list], so it's naturally tempting to keep it zipped up in it's case somewhere far far away from our daily rambunctious lives. However, I decided a long time ago if I wanted to capture the "everyday", it would need to be readily available. So sometimes it's in a basket on the counter, sometimes it's in the cabinet sitting on paper plates, and sometimes it's *gasp* just on the counter. 

Yes, it's almost fallen off or been broken a million times, but over the last few years---it hasn't broken! Moments like above wouldn't be caught if I had it put away. Now, mind you, with my iPhone, I am still able to capture things a wee bit faster as it's almost always in my hands, but the quality---well, you know---it still leaves much to be desired. However, it captures enough of the moment to make me wish I had grabbed "my real" camera instead of just my phone.

I usually upload when I can [which is my least favorite part of photography], and then organize into folders in iPhoto. I generally have folders for major events, holidays, or trips, but my steady two are: [for example] December Boys & December MISC. I use to organize more specifically, but now it suffices to have any photos of my boys in one and then any other random photos [scenery, charles & I, friends, objects, etc] in another. So whether you organize, scrapbook, or just fill up your hard drive with them---just take them. This is off subject, but that's just a free tip.

The moral of the story is having your camera out will make you more conscious to snap---snap---snap. You don't have to know what you're doing and you don't have to take too many or too little photos---just take them. It helps me to excite sometimes very monotonous days. To see God in the everyday. To see beautiful in the ugly or messy. To have something to remember how good God has been to me. How exquisite He is. To see him in the flowers brought to me, the toys scattered on the floors, and the naked bottoms that toddle around my house.

Amateur photographers, let's unite! If your camera has dust, bust it out like the broom.


  1. 1) I love this series.
    2) I blog-stalk you when I go to bed at night for the day's post. It's a problem. :)

  2. Haha! My camera is always out in harms way and my hard drive has no shortage of images stored on it. Now to print and frame.



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