Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I Never Decorated For Fall Before

1. My last house was 1000 sq ft and it was all about survival with 5 people. Decorations might have gotten in the way of us making it to the bathroom or being able to lay down on a bed. Looking back---I probably could have done...something!

2. I hate spending money on decorations or decorating my house. I like the final results, but I just cry over the money spent. Any one else? Hence, why my new house is going for more of that "on purpose" simple look. i.e. I haven't really decorated or *gasp* even hung one thing on the wall in 5 months.

3. I don't know how. I don't think I'm naturally gifted at decorating or have quick good natural taste or an "eye" for seeing how something will look in a room. I am thankful for Pinterest though---It's really helped me--- like I suppose a cooking show helps a not so good cooker. Although, they still haven't helped me, but then again I don't watch them, maybe that's why? *Note to self...start watching cooking shows*

I "went crazy" by Candra's standards and hit up the local Target and a little of Ross for a few fall things and smells. Pretty happy. My husband was like wowzers about it---totally shocked me---I guess he's so use to no decorations, the few I did really made him feel like his house was a home. Hey---if he likes it---permission to spend more in this department I guess?


  1. you sound like me! Still waiting for that enabling moment to kick me into I decorate on Pinterest :)

  2. It looks nice!!! I'd love to help you decorate the house. I have so many ideas and my hubby is majorly over my redecoration of this house, haha.

  3. you can find good decorations at thrift stores, and buy on sale decorations at walmart and target. it helps save money a little. :) love your leaf candle holder!!

  4. Number 2 is definitely me. There is always so little left after groceries and other neccesities that I hate to spend on something that seems frivolous. My sil is totally opposite. She doesnt have a bare space on her wall. She came to my house and I had nothing on my walls and she commented on my minimalist style. Haha!

  5. Pinterest is my source of inspiration as well :0)

  6. pretty. we really enjoy decorating the house with things we find outside. spring brings in lots of flowers, fall leaves, acorns, pine cones, p umpkins, and winter we do holly berries in a clear bowl, pine cones, etc. it's fun for the kids and makes pretty little displays. love the leaves and candle thing!
    pierce said "cool" on every picture. right now we do have the economy look as we settle in our new place. my bowl of acorns with a candle in it is barely noticeable-lol.



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