Monday, October 3, 2011

What Do You Think Of Me?

I've been really kicking myself lately because I've been posting lots of photos of our life, but haven't really made much time for writing writing. [Don't you love the incorrect use of writing words twice to give stronger meaning?'s not just writing, it's **you know** writing writing... the serious real kind deep thoughts type of blogging.] Okay, I'll be honest, I also miss being funny and hopefully just made you laugh on the other side of this screen. 

Sometimes life is just long and hard and...well...Monday. So you need a good laugh or something to life your heart and help you carry on till Tuesday. [I know I always turn to Pinterest Jesus for this pick me up.]

So I have been trying to ask the Lord more "How"...

How do I pray about this?
How do I do this? 
How do I talk to them? 
How do I put him first? 
How do I take better care of myself? 
How do I crave you and not those hot tamales left over from the baby shower?

[Please say you laughed just now!]

I guess another thing I've been asking the Lord is "What"...

What do you think about me? Then I just wait. Then I grab the first thing in my mind---of course only if it's positive---because Jesus wouldn't give me a condemning answer---it's not His nature. 

So today, I asked the Lord what he thought of me and the picture and answer he gave me really romanticized my heart. That's a not a word, but if you are a woman it is in your dictionary of words that don't exists until moments like this and they it does. Romanticized. Okay, spell check isn't correcting it, so maybe it is a word? Nevertheless, it wasn't a stupid question to ask because he was quick to answer. [Trying to be funny again.]

I think sometimes I crave unnecessary attention from my husband, a piece of chocolate, or a flattering word from a stranger because----I don't know who I am or if I matter to someone. Not like just someone, but someone someone. Not just a person on earth though, because even after the attention, the chocolate and the compliant---I still crave more. Yet, somehow when it comes from the Lord, his thoughts towards me FILL me. 

I promise you my love tank will be full for a few days just thinking about what the Lord said to me about what he thinks about me. Candra. Not all of man kind, or all believers or every daughter out there---but what God thinks about Candra. The one and only [---to him.]

So I dare you---ask the Lord---What do you think about me? 
Then enjoy those sweet morsels he gives you.
[They have less calories than chocolate.]

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