Saturday, September 17, 2011

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Yesterday I took the older two to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for the homeschool day [cheaper tickets! yay!] and we had a super awesome time looking at all the beautiful and wonderful things God made. This week studying leaves has truly opened my eyes to the attention to detail our Creator has. He's such an artist. He's imagination is so fascinating and wonderful.

Below I've posted my 11 favorite photos, but here is a video of 51 photos of only the "plant life" we saw. The video is 3 minutes. Hope you walk away inspired by the beauty he handmade.

[You're going to want to click once to open this, and then double click once it starts, otherwise you're going to see an youtube advertisement that is sure to annoy you.]

Some of my favorite [edited] photos:


  1. beautiful!! I hate i missed the meeting? Im so behind, its been a really hectic week with COR stuff... I still want to get in on those trips tho :)

  2. WOW Great pictures!

    I love your blog! Your family is beautiful!

    I just happened to stubble upon your blog today~

    My name is Georgiann momma of 6 kiddos (4 boys then 2 girls) So I know all about blue!lol
    Boys are so fun though!

    My blog The Garden Gate was nominated for the Top 25 Big Family blogs! If you'd like to vote for me that would be awesome!

  3. Wow! I just discovered your blog and it turns out we probably live in the same city:) We're about to start MFW K and I love all the activities you have done in addition to the MFW guide. I also like how you have been telling us your favorite books of the ones used. Thanks.




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