Monday, August 15, 2011

Nation's In Kindergarten

Nation's 1st day of Kindergarten [homeschool]

In continuing with the last few Monday's, Here is a Vlog. Although the last two have been under 3 minutes, this skirts near 7...BUT I do answer 7 questions from last week AND there are two hidden surprises in here!

[Sure to make you laugh even if you learn nothing]

Have a question for me? Ask me below and I'll answer next Monday on Vlog4!


  1. Love it! I was going to ask you if you were pregnant because of your facebook post but figured you'd tell us when you're ready :) Yea! Thanks for your encouraging words today, I needed them!

  2. yay for homeschooling! i am homeschooling alex for preschool this year...tomorrow being his frist day, and your picture of your little man, reminded me that i need to take a picture of alex tomorrow morning! lol!! if you have any tips on homeschooling, that would be wonderful! :) love your vlog!!

  3. What are you doing starting school the same day as ps? Where is the rebel in you? Luci and I went to the pool after Chickfila, and we had both places all to ourselves since everyone else was in school. Today it is the park...the weather is cooler, why stay inside now that it is getting nice out?



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