Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 49 -Nation-

an idea I got from pinterest

Thankful this week for Nation because he...

1. ...has little freckles all over his nose [just like me]
2. ...always picks flowers for me
3. a builder at heart---always creating something out of nothing
4. ...has always been my best nighttime sleeper [so far]
5. ...loves to dance [just like me!]
6. learning how to daily walk out the fruits of the Spirit
7. such an artist---always cutting, glueing, coloring something
8. so smart [even in his rebellious arguing i'm giggling a little inside]
9. ...loves the outdoors and is happy to play in them for hours [even alone!]
10. ...made me a mom

What are you thankful for this week? 
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  2. I love the picture of Nation! Great idea!

  3. Aw! I love that you devoted a whole post to Nation! That is a great idea, and I may have to steal it in the future. ;)

  4. what a sweet post! sounds like a great kid to me! i love the idea of devoting a thankful thursday to one of your boys!

  5. great picture of your son. Pinterest is so inspirational! I'm hooked too.

  6. Happy birthday to your boy Nation. :) I love this idea too... (also thanks for the sweet comments on my blog).

  7. thanks y'all! too often i've focused on what's hard and difficult about [my] firstborn child, and it's nice to just come back to that thankfulness and remembering that he is really full of so many amazing things

  8. I got tickled reading your comment on my post. Yes, we hadn't been out in a year, and the way things go, it may be another year before we get to do it again! Babysitter is our biggest problem. :/

  9. wow-he is sooo tall! he looks just like both of you. happy birthday nation! pierce really likes legos, building all kinds of things out of random things-"projects" and swords too!



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