Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breastfeeding -Part 3- Nursing Gear

If you've read my post on the only thing a newborn really needs, you know that what I'm about to tell you is similar...all you really need to breastfeed is your breasts. Yes, there are a few items that might make nursing run a little smoother, but they aren't required. Without further ado...

My 5 Personal Recommendations

1. Lanolin A total lifesaver when it came to pain those first few days of nursing a newborn. I applied before and after each nursing until I stopped hurting. It's safe for the baby to "eat". 

2. Nursing cover The first time I saw them I thought they were silly, it took me 12 months of nursing with heavy blankets and toting around a large diaper bag to realize that that simple and small "device" was the perfect tool for nursing in public [or around family and friends who linger around long enough for it to be feeding time again]. 

3. Nursing stool There is nothing worse than sitting down to nurse with my 5'4'' self legs dangling over the ground falling asleep ever so slowly and painfully. The nursing stool turns any chair or couch into the perfect nursing station. 

4. Mother's milk tea I had a lot of trouble with  my supply with  my first child. You can buy this at your local grocery store---really helps increase your milk supply. Although I did notice on occasion it caused the babies tummy to be a bit gassy. See Herbs below.

5. Nursing bras I like Motherhood Maternity's bras the best. First, because they are only about $20, second, their comfy, and third because I find them to be as cute as nursing bras get [as much as that is an oxymoron]. I LOVE their sports bra and their overnight bra. I only use a nursing bra consistently those first 0-9 months, and then go back to my regular bras as the feedings decrease. 

5 More Breastfeeding Suggestions from others...

1. Nursing pads I personally never needed nursing pads, but I hear these are some good ones.

2. Herbs I never tried any of these, but trust they work.

3. My Breast Friend I'd like to give this a try with baby #4. Seems to work for Mrs. Duggar for walking around and nursing. I do own a Boppy, but find I only use when they are a few weeks old and then I toss back into storage. We go out a lot and I don't bring with me so I just learn to nurse without it at home too. If you do buy one, I recommend buying a protective cover as well as slipcover.

4. Nipple Shields I also never needed these, but would suggest trying these out if you run into problems with latching or inverted nipples.

5. Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra If you do buy a breast pump, I can imagine this makes it easier to change the channel or update your facebook status hands free. I'd like to eventually invest in this.

Continue your shopping at... Motherhood Maternity's nursing checklist or shop around a bit in's breastfeeding section.


  1. Thought you could add this to the list:

    My friend Aliesha has one ( - she LOVES IT, prefers it to the one you have in your photo above. Because this one covers around your sides too and back.

  2. Yes to nursing pads - didn't leak much during the day, but when I sleep I need them.

    Love the nursing sports bra - that is all I wear!

    I would add a sling. Jadon is hard to put down for naps - he wakes up the second I get up to put him down. My plan is to nurse him in the sling so if I need/want to get up he can still nurse/sleep. The long tail can be used to cover up while nursing if needed.

    I don't think you need a pump, but I think it would be good to have one.

    I didn't use the boppy for that long either. You can use it for other things like tummy time, etc.


    I used these the first couple weeks, they helped alot.

  4. Thanks for the tips on other products!



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