Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breastfeeding -Part 2- How To Not Quit

i remember when Charles took this in San Fran [thinks he is so funny]

Assuming you read Part 1 [Why Breastfeed] and are now considering it---let's talk about how to avoid quitting...before you start. Right now I know you're probably preparing to be kicked off a plane, asked to leave a store, or spend the rest of your church going days in the nursing moms room---just breathe. I'm going to walk you thru my suggestions on "how to" make it through at least 12 months.

How To Not Quit Breastfeeding

I think a lot of mommies don't continue to breastfeed for lack of support & knowledge. It's simple, but yet it can be very complicated. Especially if it's your first time or you run into any of the zillion of hurdles there are out there. I'm not going to sugar coat this for you, most likely you will run into issues or trying times, but the good news is...there's help!

So not if, but when you run into trouble...Read, Google, Ask, Show

1. Read You read the owners manual for your iPod don't you? Or for your food processor? Don't you think feeding an infant is a wee bit more of the life or death importance? Although, I think we all could agree it would be hard to live without our iPods. So, if you're pregnant, do some research. Read a book! Please don't wait till the baby is out to start figuring it out. *Speaking from experience* I did buy the book, unfortunately I didn't open it until after I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out to feed my newest human. 

2. Google I'm not joking, nothing irritates me more than when someone asks me something they haven't first googled. I mean, in this age, if you have access, there really is no excuse. You'd be so surprised what sage advice is out there if you do your research. All I'm going to do is google and then text you, so save yourself the text. I'm only kidding...sort of. Google is the shorter version of reading a book you probably don't have time for. Type in exactly what's going on... "breastfeeding my supple is low" or "breastfeeding baby won't latch"

3. Ask Go ahead...[after you google] Call, Txt, Email, Facebook, Twitter...your mom friends who have successfully breastfeed. Did you catch the successful part? It's important, you don't get financial advice from someone who is in debt...do you? So why would you ask your friend who hated it/complained about it/discouraged you against it? I'm not suggesting all people who didn't breastfeed, or stopped, disliked it---surely there are physical & private reasons for not breastfeeding that are none of our darn business. I'm only suggesting you find those friends who have done it well...and pick their brains. Politely thank the breastfeeding haters for their useless discouragement...I mean "advice".

4. Show That's right, show your best friends [or a local lactation consultant] your ta-ta's. I'm a extremely modest person, I'd probably never shown anyone of my ta-ta's before nursing. Now, three birth videos & 3 nursed babies later---I'm afraid there isn't one who hasn't seen my upstairs & downstairs. Ha. Nevertheless, after that baby comes out and the book, google, and foggy remembrance of all their advice isn't working---call their butts over to your house and pop those girls out and say Help! I've done it---I've been that friend too. It works. Someone somewhere can and will have that right trick or secret that will get them latched, feed, and sleeping. I promise.


Again, the last thing I want to do is discourage anyone, so remember nursing isn't motherhood. If you "failed" or just don't want to, that's your business and please don't let me or anyone make you feel any less than the wonderful mother you are.



  1. "Now, three birth videos & 3 nursed babies later---I'm afraid there isn't one who hasn't seen my upstairs & downstairs." - That made me laugh...really really hard.

  2. We are going to be flying in Sept..i thought you can nurse on flights..any tips for bfeeding and traveling with baby?

  3. Reading this while nursing. Lol

  4. Me too! We were fully committed to nursing - I didn't have any bottles or a pump in the house. I read somewhere that if you didn't have them in the house then you won't be tempted to use them. Well, at the advice of my midwife, I needed to nurse, then pump and then give him what I pumped through a syringe because he was jaundice and not a strong nurser at first. I had to borrow a pump from a friend (thanks Candra!). I would recommend having a pump before having your baby.

  5. Just as with anything, how successful you are with breastfeeding mostly comes down to your mindset. Be determined to not let fear or other people "bully" you into stopping before it's best for you and your baby. Also, the more you know about nursing and the better you get at it, the more confident you will feel about it and the longer you will keep it up.
    BTW, I have nursed five babies for a combined total of over nine years (and counting).

  6. Nursing number 2 right now. This was great and hilarious. When I was pregnant with #1 my midwife's apprentice SHOWED me how to nurse by nursing her baby. It helped a lot. The more relaxed the better. I was completely relaxed with #2 because I was out of it from blood loss and our first nursing was lying down which I "couldn't" do until #1 was one month old. I also thought that your nipple had to be all the way out and "ready" for baby like a bottle nipple but once I just let #1 latch on he did the work and it worked.
    Another bonus with breastfeeding is all the funny things your kids say that they wouldn't say if there wasn't a breastfeeding mommy in the house. My oldest wanted to play with his baby sister while I was nursing and out of no where he said "mommy, put that big saggy boo away" (we call them boos). He was laughing when he said it and so was I. The other week our neighbor's dog had puppies and we were looking at them and 4 year old son said really loud, "look mommy! that dog's nipples look like your nipples but yours are bigger." well, at least the neighbor was inside.

  7. Thank you all for reading and commenting and sharing your awesome insight! You nursing mommies rock!



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