Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nothing Says Romance Like...

I saw this idea on Pinterest, only it didn't give instructions for boys who didn't want to participate. I even was bribing with brownies! Clearly, Nation understood.

My boys love their dad, and their dad loves his boys.

Nothing says romance like a man who loves kids.

Charles loves to play, teach, and invest in his kids. I'm so thankful for all his participation in their "rearing". He's finds them fascinating & hilariously irresistible. 

He's pretty much always willing to: change a diaper, wipe a face, serve a meal...

I'm continuously amazed at how, despite the increasing expenses, hardships, inconveniences, and added noise Charles continues to see the long term value in raising children. I'm not sure he'll ever tell me we're done. I"m sure he'll always want more. 

And that, I admire. I'm more of a short-term-this-is-overwhelming kinda person. I'm glad we're paired together to encourage one another in our callings as parents.


I can't write this post without thanking the Lord also for my dad [Steve], my step-dad [Jim] and my father in laws [Chuck & Ted]. We wouldn't be who we are today without all of them. Thanks Dads!



  1. cute pictures!
    I did something like that with my 3 boys on Valentine's day; back when they were 4,5,7. but holding large gold hearts.

    I agree- nothing is as romantic as a man who loves his children! (or vacuums the floors)

  2. Oh, I love the picture of them holding the letters. I'll have to do that with my kids. I've been meaning to check out Pinterest, though I'm afraid I'll get addicted.

  3. kimberly, cute! well, we've always only had wood floors, and don't even own a vacuum [yet], but we have carpet now, so hmm---i'll let him know lol

    Grateful Mom, you will, but it's fun, i'm usually on less than 5 minutes a day---just to see something pretty and have a sanity break ; ) try it! find me!

  4. That is precious! love the photoshop tyes

  5. Love the pictures - super cute of the kiddos! I think my husband is the greatest when he gets Grace to giggle - it is awesome to see their bond!



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