Monday, June 13, 2011

More or Less

I saw this the other day at TJ Max and, of course, I bought it because I loved it so much.

I don't really have anything fabulous to say this Monday afternoon. I could ramble off the long list of things I still have to do today [vacuum, more basement unpacking, piles and piles of laundry....] or I could ramble about how [once again this year] I've waited till the last minute to take care of major holiday [Father's Day] cards and presents. Or I could ramble about the joys [or un-joys] of a baby teething & weaning & ill and another who I've become taxi to from VBS.

What can I say? It's Monday.

On the bright side, it's 5 pm and although dinner isn't being prepared, I am dressed & clean. Along with my car, house and backyard. I suppose I didn't do much resting yesterday so I've made up for lost time today.

This past weekend we got a fence, and moved over our playground & trampoline from our other house. Our new renters move in this week so we hired some help this past weekend to ready the home. My husband still has a few long nights there this week [aka me too, only here, with the kiddos], but all our stuff is officially here at our new house.

Wish me luck as I attempt last minute photos and gifts tonight, and pray for me as I prepare for the summer session of Beth Moore to start, while visions of Nation's 5th birthday and vacation swirl around in my head.

How's your Monday been?


  1. How exciting about your shop :)

  2. The logo is adorable and I can totally relate to a teething baby! With Joy, Carey



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