Friday, June 3, 2011


[photo credit: Caty Collier, our sitter]

...i say things I don't mean and hope they forget them
...i say things I mean and hope they never forget them surprised when my middle child rises early
...for 3 years he never fails to break the morning silence with "juice?"
...i wish I'd done the dishes the night before seems to take me all day to do them
...i consider brushing teeth & hair [occasionally face] "getting ready"
...i remember when I took an hour or two "getting ready" [what was I doing?]
...i complain about the day to day chores, messes, diaper changes, and meals
...i remember there are those without houses to clean, children to make messes, diapers to use, or ingredients for dinner

Someone once said, 
"Your life is made up of 'todays',
what you do today will be what you do with your life"

Reminding myself of this everyday, helps me remember that habits and love not practiced today won't magically appear in the legacy I leave.


  1. this was so good... you have found real treasures in your every day...

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing. It hit home. WIth Joy, Carey

  3. I loved this post! I needed it. I'm trying to appreciate and cherish my todays more.

  4. Oh my! I seriously love this post! Thanks for the reminder to love my every day.

    Love your blog - I'm going to go subscribe now :)

  5. A new phrase I have on my fridge door says: "Live in today, because today is tomorrow's yesterday."

    I'll keep you accountable if you'll do the same for me!

  6. great post. I am "guilty" of all those things too. but we are human.
    thanks for the reminder and that quote. so good.

  7. thanks jen!

    thanks gitz!

    thanks carey!

    thanks grumpy ; ) i need to learn your real name so i stop calling you that :)

    good phrase lindsey!

    you're welcome! thanks for reading kelly



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