Monday, April 11, 2011

Babywearing 101 [My Sling]

[Solomon in sling]

It still amazes me that although slings and wraps have been around as long as babies have, people still tell me when I'm out in public, "Man I wish they had those around when I was having babies." I suppose since the invention of the stroller, there was a period of time when carrying your baby wasn't as "in fashion" as it is today. Either way, as a mom of multiple small ones...I'm forever grateful for the invention.

I first saw this Karma Baby sling at a baby expo before I had my first one. After I had him, someone let me borrow their sling [can't remember the brand now]. I couldn't figure out how to quite wear it right, somedays, but not everyday. 

It could have been that I was a first time mom. 
It could have been that I was beyond exhausted. 
It could have been that I held my first sitting down more than I carried him. 
It could have been because I waited till he could crawl to start doing my dishes & laundry again. [kidding---slightly]

When my second came around, I purchased the wrap I'd seen at the expo and wore it right away like a pro [probably because I had no other choice with a 21 month old to chase]. I picked the Karma Baby reversible for three reasons:

1. I liked that it was reversible
[I could wear on cute side, Charles could wear on solid side]
2. I liked that it had a pocket
[I could fit my diaper/wipes/nursing cover need for diaper bag]
3. I liked that it looked simple
[For the first go, I wasn't willing to deal with loops, wrapping, etc]

I typically wear my baby in the sling the first few days/weeks/months because newborns love to snuggle close to their mommy and sleep in cradle position. Once the baby is about 2-5 months old I can put in the front of the sling with their legs crossed. About they time they are 6 months old I switch over to my Ergo, because it's about this time their legs spread more easily.

For the occasion when I use my sling after that [photo below] I put them on my hips. I have worn kids 6 months-3 years on my hips with no problem. However for several hours, I prefer them in an Ergo.

[Moses in sling]


  1. I'm amazed you have time to blog and pack! I love my wrap, but I never have been able to use a sling. All the weight on one shoulder really pulls my neck out = migraine.

  2. Ha! Thanks, these were prewritten and scheduled to post

  3. Check out Lots of info, videos, how to make your own wraps and slings.

  4. I had to smile at your post. When my first one was a baby (nine years ago), I remember borrowing someone's sling-type thing. Collin and I got so tangled up in the whole thing, I said never again! LOL! I really like the one in your post. Mine looked like some type of backpack - LOL!

  5. I'm one of those people... I wish I had one of these when mine was litte. :)



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