Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Walk Through My House

Just took some pictures to list our house for sale---thought y'all out in cyber space might want to take a look at our 1000 sq ft "life in a shoe". I'm not posting the outside of our house for privacy reasons though.

And of course my house always never looks like this.

Living Room


Dining Room

Guest Bathroom

Guest Room

Boys Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom


Our house was built in the 50's or 60's, but was burned to the ground a few years ago, and a Christian carpenter completely remodeled the house. We've been very thankful for the great location and all hardwood floors. It's small, but it's been perfect for us to start a family. We would have never made it if my husband had not built the 8 foot privacy fence he did. Those [safe] extra 3,000 square feet of roaming for my boys have been p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s.

Our two spare rooms have been everything under the sun, including an office, guest room, nursery and even storage. Currently we have a guest bed and pack n play in one and the "boys room" is where Nation & Solomon sleep. Moses has the pack n play most days, but since they are all similar in age and size, from time to time I flip flop who sleeps where. Especially for nap times depending on who is playing too much!

We are suppose to close on our new house April 11, but I will miss this house for sure. The location---definitely, but also all the memories we've shared over the last almost 6 years. It's the house we can home to after our honeymoon, it's where I delivered and raised three boys.

Please pray with us that our house will quickly become a blessing to another Godly family. Someone lived in it for one year before we do, and by a twist of fate, I later met them and as it turned out they too were a Godly couple starting a family.


  1. congrats on a new & exciting season!

  2. beautiful, this almost made me cry...



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