Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#29] [Giveaway]

Thankful This Week For:

1. A thankful post that is late, but better late than never [it's still Thursday!]

2. A successful day at house hunting, after nearly 20 homes, we've made an offer!

3. A mother who has followed me to Weight Watchers & even the chiropractor to help with the kids

4. Wednesday 'date night' with my bestie Sarah to celebrate our both 2 lb loss

5. A embroidery machine that is finally ready for use [it was a gift...that for several months has been hibernating at my moms house]. I had it serviced this week and am about to start taking classes to learn how to properly use it.

6. A sweet husband who made this Valentine's extra special

7. A great church. This past weekend we attended a intro to [their] church ministry meeting and our hearts so lined up with what they believed. God is good. God is in a good mood. Jesus healed all who were oppressed by the Devil.

8. Transparency. There is nothing I admire more than a transparent person. I love the transparent people in my life and how we all sharpen one another. The more we confess our mess, the more we admit our great need for a big recusing God.

9. Words With Friends. Apparently, you can play a Scrabble-like game on your phone [or online] and Charles & I have been playing back and forth all week together. It's a cute way to say "hi". I, of course, am using to help make moves because I: a] can't spell b] am not good at those type of games and c] am not as smart as Charles. He's still beating me. *sigh*

10. Another giveaway! Thanks for all of you who continue to vote for me daily at Top Mommy Blogs [or Top Baby Blogs or Picket Fence]. 


Giving Away: $30 credit to Frigidare's website 

1 entry per person
 by either:

a] commenting below [name & email]
b] participating in the thankful blog hop

---Ends next Thursday!---



  1. It's still Thursday so there's a chance that I might post some Thankfuls, but just in case, here's my comment so I can be in the giveaway! How's that for transparent? haha

  2. enter me please : )

  3. Candra,

    When I was reading one of the other thankful post linked above I read your question about excercise program. I love Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home Series,

    When I was pregnant I did the 15 minute express walk(at link above, listed as beginner walk)3x's a day, after each meal. I felt great and stayed in shape. I also have some of her Dvd's that I picked up at Sams or Costco. I still like the 15 minute walk best though because I can fit it in throughout the day.

  4. You always take the best pitures. I'm so excited that you are losing weight. I know it can be hard at times but keep it up.What really helped me lose weight was walking or hiking, but what ever you do just keep moving. I'm down 50 pounds now, 30 more to go. Congrates on the house. Again just letting you know I enjoy your post, don't worry about putting me in the giveaways.I'm not here for that.

  5. Oops--missed my "Thankful " post this week. What-eva, I'm a busy girl :)
    Maybe I'll post a "Thankful (day after) Thursday"???

  6. Oh Candra, I'm so glad you enjoyed my last inspires me to write more, hopefully about more pleasant situations in the the future I'm sure.

    Your boys are going to be ladykillers someday...if they aren't already, mind you haha.

    Normally I consider my Thursdays to be "Thrilling", just like my Fridays are FABulous, but you've convinced me that "Thankful" is perhaps much better alliteration to choose these day.

    Glad to hear Weight Watchers is working out well for you, keep it up girl! Love you, XOXO



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