Monday, January 31, 2011

Turn Dinosaur Off

Six months ago today we were traveling to Dayton, OH for a 4 month [turned 5 month] out-of-town contract job for Charles' work. Now...we're home. I've been thinking about it all life has changed in the last six months. I'd have to say mostly all positive.

We're trying to get back in a routine. Trying. Between the unpacking, organizing, getting rid of/sending to storage, cleaning and just general trying to figure out how to make this house work for 2 very mobile toddlers and a newly mobile [almost walking] infant. 

Solution...keep less around.

I have a lot on my mind after this weekends Homeschool Retreat and hope to write about it soon. And God's been continuing to speak more things to me through this book I'm reading [I mean suppose to be finished reading today]. I experienced His heart this past Sunday morning more tangibly than I have in years. I'm seeing His heart again, and it's not what I've been living like it was.

Today is as real as the next...

Toys that make noise that I wish didn't
Babies who teeth and I wish they wouldn't
Messes that happen and shouldn't
Things I wanted to do and couldn't

All and all I count it a good one because I haven't lost it [...yet]. Twelve minutes till bedtime and I've done my best to let Him do it in me...enjoy the kids [accept the interruptions].

*My husband just figured out how to turn the dinosaurs roar off. 
My night is already looking up*


  1. Glad to hear you are settling back in to your routines.

    and yeah for no more noisy dino!!

    5 months is a long work detail! Did you have family there that you could stay with?

    (check out our fun crime scene we did today!

  2. We didn't know anyone there, but I found some friends quick. We stayed in a really nice apartment complex on a 6 month lease. Let's just say it was 500 sq ft larger than my house ; ) Going to check out your page now!

  3. Oh my goodness! I can totally relate to the dinosaur thing. When my oldest (now 17) was young, he had a Sesame Street toy which was Ernie on a green tractor. The stupid tractor came on ALL THE TIME and made the worst whirring noise. It drove me crazy.

    Radical is a killer book. Definitely a hard read. Kind of like Crazy Love in that regard. But they're both quite powerful.

    Glad you're able to be back home. :D



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