Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Struggles of a Blogger

Do  you hear that sound? The sound of rain falling on a very cold Atlanta day. The sound of a toddler playing too loud. The sound of a baby waking up too early from their nap. The sound of a boy clipping his own nails. The sound of my Chai being warmed up [again]. The sound of the washer.

We've been playing outside everyday [despite the cold] for 1-3 hours, not always by choice, but being cooped up inside isn't their favorite either. Nation always loves it. Solomon, not so much. He needs more convincing, but once he's out and can't see me anymore he's off in his own little world for a good hour.

Since returning home, I'm trying to average just two playdates a week. Mixing in Wednesday morning bible study. That pretty much takes up our mornings lately. I'd like to get the kids back going to indoor play places, but have still be using most of my time to unpack, organize, and clean. 

I usually try to blog the night before or earlier in the morning, but I just didn't know what to blog about today. Let me rephrase that, I know what to blog about, but I don't have time to blog about what I want to blog about. That's okay. It will be good for another day when I don't have a baby in my lap and a toddler on my arm as I write to you.

I keep telling myself consistency and character development is what makes a good blog. Oh, and Jesus. Oops, I mean, exactly. Blogging fascinates me in so many ways. I'm learning a lot about obedience to the Lord, hearing His voice, seeing His heart on a matter, and trusting Him to do with this what He wants.

The temptation to pour more of myself [than allowed] into it is there. The temptation to make a name for myself [if that's even possible] is there. The temptation to get rich with gifts, gadgets and ads is there. I keep coming back to home plate. 

Why blog? What's the point?
Keeping Him in focus despite the world calling...it's definitely a place of growing.

I'm committed this year to be an upside down blogger.

I'm an Upside Down Blogger


  1. Your house has the same sounds mine does today. Thanks for the link and the challenge to blog for HIM! The music on her site is so peaceful, worth the visit just to listen to it.

  2. LivingFree, if you've never read Ann's blog...you've been missing out. It's WONDERFUL. Oh my. Wonderful.

  3. I keep reminding myself that blogging should help me grow and make my life and relationship with God and my family better, not get in the way of it and be something I HAVE to do. :) Does that make sense? I sometimes get sucked in and spend to much time on here.



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