Monday, January 10, 2011

Party of 2: Observations in Vacationing Alone

I am working on my post, I mean book, about what happen to use in our travels from GA to Texas and back. Let's just say, we arrived in GA with about 12 hours until we needed to leave for the airport for our anniversary cruise. Luckily, we were able to fit it all the expense of only 2 hours of sleep.

Who cares? We-made-it. Our flight went out before the GA blizzard, there were no lines, no delays and all our bags made it. We flew from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale and then hopped on our cruise ship, Celebrity Solstice, early in the day. Check-in was a breeze.

At nearly $1 a minute it's been quite the incentive to blog less this week. Yet, I can't help myself.

Observations in traveling without children so far...

1. I'm not wearing a baby carrier
2. I slept from take off until landing
3. The only trips to the bathroom were for me
4. Hi husband, we can actually have a conversation
5. Schedule. What schedule?
6. Sometimes we both randomly pretend we have whinny kids with us asking for things [then laugh in excitement that it's not a reality for us right now]
7. Hot tub? Sure, no need to freeze in the pool [kids-are-at-home]
8. We took 2 naps yesterday, then stayed up till 2 am
9. We ate breakfast today and then went back to room and slept till almost 2 pm
10. I cried at the cuteness of the picture of the infant in a lifevest during drills

The theme seems to be sleep. Shocking. Sounds selfish right? Well maybe, but it's been incredibly relaxing. My kiddos [although so dearly missed I can hardly think about them] are safe at my moms house being watched over by my family and [hired] best-babysitter-in-the-whole-world Caty.

All for more tomorrow.


Thanks for your once below
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  1. So glad you are having fun and sleeping!

  2. I am so jealous! Best sleep of my life was gotten on a ship! And since I hate snow I can say with gusto, you are not missing ANYTHING by missing this blizzard! get a tan for me! :)

  3. Vacationing without kids seems like such a novel idea! LOL! :) Maybe I will be brave enough one day. Glad you are having fun and getting lots of rest! :)

  4. How sweet! What a blessing to get some sleep. Love the pic of you two.

  5. Oh a cruise would be fantastic!!! Loved your Type of People of a cruise post! :) BTW, I'm in GA too (just S. of ATL)



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